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ProBoost - Thymic Protein A, 30 Packets

ProBoost - Thymic Protein A, 30 Packets

Brand - ProBoost
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Quick Description

ProBoost’s Thymic Protein A is an immune system boosting powerhouse designed to support our immune system in aiding the thymus gland as we age.

Key Information

  • Helps promote the production of T-lymphocyte cells
  • Designed to increase white blood cell count
  • 12 Trillion active molecules per serving
  • Formulated to supports the thymus gland & the immune system
  • Soy, gluten, and dairy-free

Product Overview

Tired and/or often feeling under the weather? ProBoost may be able to help!

ProBoost’s Thymic Protein A is designed to support the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in our body.

White blood cells are the main facilitator of our immune defense. More specifically, the T4 lymphocyte cells produced by the thymus gland locate irregularities in our body and dispatch T8 cells to kill them.

Along with our bodies, our thymus gland shrinks as we age; by the age of 40 the average person only has a small amount of their thymus still intact!

ProBoost’s Thymic Protein A is designed to match what the thymus produces and help our body to synthesize the T4 lymphocyte cells we need for optimal immune system health.


Thymic Protein A, Maltodexdrin (polymers of D-glucose)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ProBoost’s Thymic Protein A made?

ProBoost’s Thymic Protein A is made by cell culture from the stored frozen cells of the thymus that was taken from one US calf that died 11 years ago. It is produced by one single laboratory in the world with the supervision of Dr Beardsley.

What is the shelflife of ProBoost Thymic Protein A?

Unopened sachets of ProBoost Thymic Protein A will last 2 years.

Who should take ProBoost Thymic Protein A?

Anyone who is concerned about their immune system function should take ProBoost Thymic Protein A. It is also suitable for healthy individuals who want to maximize the function of their immune system.

Client Reviews

ProBoost - Thymic Protein A, 30 Packets
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