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Plant People - Sinus Support Capsules, 60ct

Plant People - Sinus Support Capsules, 60ct

Brand - Plant People
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Quick Description

Plant People’s Sinus Support offers year round protection, promoting nasal and sinus relief with a unique blend of herbal ingredients.

Key Information

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Unique Reishi Mushroom Blend
  • Research-backed
  • Gluten-free and Non-GMO

Product Overview

Do you suffer from tension headaches and blocked airways? Plant People’s Sinus Support offers a vegan and cruelty free herbal remedy to remove stuffiness and release tension leaving you breathing easy. Formulated and tested by practitioners, Sinus Support helps to ease nasal discomfort and clear passages in the neck and head.The unique herbal blend of Pueraria (Kudzu Root) calms and soothes the mucus membrane clearing and frees pathogens from your airways.

Pueraria also holds the naturalistic power of soothing tension headaches. Chrysanthemum Flower is historically decorative but beyond its beauty has served as a pillar in herbal medicine. Chrysanthemum acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, releasing toxins from the body.

Its benefits include strong antioxidant potential in expelling oxidative stress from environmental stressors such as smoke, helping to clear away any sinus congestion. Xanthium Fruit Extract and Angelica Root Extract combine forces to treat sinus congestion, soothing and reducing clogged up passages. Paired together this immune-boosting formula helps to protect against colds and congestion.


Pueraria (Kudzu Root), Chrysanthemum Flower, Xanthium Sibiricum Extract, Angelica Root Extract, Schizonepeta Extract, Skullcap Extract, Coptus Extract, Chuan Xiong Extract, Coix Extract, Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Vegan Cellulose Capsule

Tips on how to best use Plant People’s Lung Guard?

Take Sinus Support at the first signs of sinus infection or blocked passage ways to help boost your immune system and give yourself the best chance of fighting against environmental pathogens. Taking a once-a-day easy capsule of Sinus Support, particularly around the change of seasons can help you to prevent any form of sinus infection. Boosting your immune system and maintaining a healthy internal environment will leave you strong and healthy throughout the year.

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Plant People - Sinus Support Capsules, 60ct
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