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Pet Friendly Bundle Deluxe

Pet Friendly Bundle Deluxe

Brand - PlantX US
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Quick Description

A hand selected pet friendly bundle made for you and your furry friends - the deluxe edition!

Key Information

Plants Included: Peacock Calathea, Baby Rubber Plant, Money Tree, Fishbone Cactus, Velvet Calathea, and, Hoya Heart leaf.
Care Level: Easy to Medium
Light: Bright indirect to medium light
Water: Water when the top 2” of the soil is dry.
Pet Friendly: Yes

Bundle Overview

Our pet friendly bundle combines the best of both worlds - our love for furry friends and houseplants can’t be stopped. You’ll receive a wide variety of plants with different textures and colours to compliment your fun and loving companion. We don’t want you to skip out on the benefits of houseplants so we’ve created the perfect bundle!

PlantX Top Tip: Keep the plants’ leaves nice and clean by gently wiping them with a soft cloth or our Plant Cleaning Wipes found in the Accessories section.

Client Reviews

Pet Friendly Bundle Deluxe
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