Natierra - White Salt Flakes, 8.5oz

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Natierra - White Salt Flakes, 8.5oz

Brand - Natierra
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Quick Description

Natierra White Salt Flakes are the salt of the earth! This hand-harvested, flaky finishing salt brings complex flavor to sweet and savory treats.

Key Information

  • Salt You Can Pinch or Crumble
  • Briny Flavor
  • Great for Finishing
  • Harvested by Hand
  • From the Salar de Uyuni

Product Overview

Natierra White Salt Flakes is a good culinary salt with a subtle, briny taste. It comes from Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat located in southwest Bolivia. This naturally-formed salt is harvested by hand after its annual rainy season.

Once you start using flaky salt in the kitchen, you won’t ever go back. Natierra’s White Salt isn’t like regular table salt or fancy pink salt. This is good-tasting, earthy salt with texture. A pinch for taste or a crumble for crunch, try some and you’ll see (and taste!) the difference.

A sprinkle of salt does wonders for cooked dishes and baked goods. Natierra White Salt Flakes bring out the flavor of cookies, giving them a more balanced taste. Chewy cookies also do well with the crunch that comes with these White Salt Flakes, too!


White Salt Flakes

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is so great about Natierra's White Salt Flakes?

Natierra’s White Salt is naturally-formed, yet behaves the same as your regular flaky salt. These salt flakes are easy to pinch, making them easy to measure and sprinkle on top of food. It also dissolves when cooking so you won’t have to worry about ruining your food’s texture. As a finishing salt, it retains its crunch.

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