Natierra - Inkasalt Coarse Pink Salt Multiple Choices

Natierra - Inkasalt Coarse Pink Salt Multiple Choices

Brand - Natierra
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Quick Description

Natierra’s Inkasalt Coarse Pink Salt is a mineral-rich wonder salt! With a natural pink hue and a delicate flavor, it will enhance just about every meal.

Key Information

  • Fairtrade & non-GMO
  • Naturally pink
  • High in minerals
  • All-natural
  • In 9oz glass jar or 3oz grinder

Product Overview

On the lookout for new, simple ways to enhance your meals? Try Natierra Inkasalt Coarse Pink Salt on just about anything!

Inkasalt is from the heart of the Andes Mountains and dates back to the Inka Empire of the 14th - 16th Century. It is connected to spirituality as the Inkas considered its discovery to be an act of divine intervention.

Its pink-speckled appearance is from the abundance of minerals and trace elements it contains. It has a wonderfully subtle and natural taste that will enhance both sweet and savory dishes.

We love it sprinkled on salads, added to sauces, and on avocado toast for a simple breakfast. Replace your regular salt and taste the magic! You can also make it into a luxurious body scrub.


Pink Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between pink salt and regular salt?

Natierra Inkasalt Coarse Pink Salt is salt from the Andes Mountains that has formed from ancient salt deposits. It has spent 250million years absorbing minerals and trace elements and has been protected from any pollution.

Unlike a lot of white salt, Natierra Inkasalt has not been treated to remove minerals, and nothing artificial is added. This type of salt is often refined to remove toxins, which Inkasalt doesn’t require. Inkasalt, therefore, retains all the nutritious minerals.

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