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Natierra - Himalayan Pink Salt Flakes, 8.5oz

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Quick Description

Natierra Himalayan Pink Salt is 100% pure salt hand-harvested from unpolluted salt brines. Unprocessed and unfortified for a delicate, natural flavor.

Key Information

  • Himalayan Pink Salt from Pakistan
  • Iodine-Free
  • Unprocessed, 100% pure
  • Hand-harvested from unpolluted salt brines
  • With delicate taste

Product Overview

Hand-harvested from pink salt brines, Natierra Himalayan Pink Salt Flakes are brought to you in their natural form - unrefined, unprocessed, with all the minerals naturally present at the source.

Himalayan pink salt has a delicate flavor ideal for seasoning and cooking. Use it as regular salt or as finishing or decorative salt. Sprinkle onto pastries or salads for extra crunch. Add to homemade electrolyte drinks or use in cocktails to enhance flavors. 

For personal care, dissolve Natierra Himalayan pink salt in water for a relaxing foot soak or salt bath. 

This Himalayan pink salt is 100% pure, with no anti-caking agents or artificial colors. It is also not fortified with iodine, and is safe for people on a low-iodine diet. 


Pink Salt Flakes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Himalayan pink salt pink?

Himalayan pink salt contains traces of iron oxide, a reddish compound, which is naturally present in salt mines where Himalayan salt is harvested from. Oftentimes, Himalayan salt also contains small amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium. The presence of these trace minerals gives the salt an off-white to pinkish hue.

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Natierra - Himalayan Pink Salt Flakes, 8.5oz
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