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Matiz - Traditional Romesco Sauce, 6.5oz

Matiz - Traditional Romesco Sauce, 6.5oz

Brand - Matiz
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Quick Description

Looking for an amazing vegan spread packed with flavor? Matiz Traditional Romesco Sauce is made with natural ingredients and tastes like the most authentic Romesco.

Key Information

  • Traditional, authentic Spanish recipe
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Versatile sauce used as a spread or dip
  • Completely vegan and gluten-free

Product Overview

Do you love delicious Spanish food? Matiz Traditional Romesco Sauce is packed with flavor and works with so many dishes. The classic Spanish sauce is classically used as a spread or dip in shared meals but can be used in so many different ways.

This authentic sauce is made with natural, non-GMO ingredients from Spain. The rich olive oil and tomatoes are flavored with garlic, herbs, and salt. They are blended with Almonds and Hazelnuts for a thick and flavorful sauce.

Matiz is a company dedicated to bringing the finest Spanish products to the world. They have an outstanding range of olive oils, sauces, and more.


Olive Oil (32%), Tomatoes, Almonds & Hazelnuts (13%), Vinegar, Garlic, Herbs, Beet Fiber, and Salt.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts)

Frequently Asked Question

What does Romesco taste like?

Romesco has a lightly zingy, spicy, smoky flavor. There are definite notes of garlic, herbs and vinegar, mellowed out by the rich olive oil.

Matiz Traditional Romesco Sauce has these same flavor profiles, made with the finest ingredients from Spain. It has all of the lovely zingy, smoky flavors, mellowed out by the nuts and tomatoes for a perfect balance.

Client Reviews

Matiz - Traditional Romesco Sauce, 6.5oz
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