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Kyoto Black - Cold Brew Coffee, 12oz


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Kyoto Black - Cold Brew Coffee, 12oz

Brand - Kyoto Black
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Quick Description

Looking for a new, cleaner cold brew coffee that tastes great? Kyoto Black’s Cold Brew Coffee has an amazing, naturally sweet, and delicate flavor.

Key Information

  • Made with premium coffee
  • Can be made into any type of coffee drink
  • Small-batch produced
  • Completely vegan and gluten-free
  • Naturally sweet and low in bitterness

Product Overview

Do you love cold brew, but find that it can sometimes have a murky, sour flavor? Kyoto Black’s Cold Brew Coffee has a clean, clear taste that will feel like a revelation to your morning routine.

By using a small-batch process and drip method, Kyoto Black is able to produce consistently amazing Cold Brew Coffee. The coffee is never exposed to heat, so the flavors produced are more subtle and delicate.

Kyoto Black’s Cold Brew Coffee has a naturally sweet, low bitterness to its flavor. It has notes of cognac, stout beer, and dark chocolate. You can drink it straight from the bottle, over ice, or even use it to make a hot coffee!


Coffee Beans, Water

Frequently Asked Question

Is Cold Brew Coffee stronger than normal?

The cold brew extraction process creates a more concentrated coffee drink. It has a higher ratio of coffee to water than regular coffee. Furthermore, as it is done over a longer period, more caffeine can be extracted.

Client Reviews

Kyoto Black - Cold Brew Coffee, 12oz
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