Humble Co - Natural Dental Floss Picks (50 Packs)

Humble Co - Natural Dental Floss Picks (50 Packs) - PlantX US
Humble Co - Natural Dental Floss Picks (50 Packs) - PlantX US
Humble Co - Natural Dental Floss Picks (50 Packs) - PlantX US
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Humble Co - Natural Dental Floss Picks (50 Packs)

Brand - Humble Co
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Quick Description

The Humble Co brings you quality, environmentally friendly oral care. Developed by dentists and loved by people and the environment worldwide.

Key Information

  • Vegan Certified
  • Cornstarch Formula
  • Dentist Approved
  • Double Threaded
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Product Overview

Can you guess the number of plastic oral care products that are consumed worldwide every year? 10 billion. That’s a substantial figure. And where do these plastic oral care products end up? In landfills and in our oceans.

The Humble Co was developed in response to this plastic oral care problem that is polluting our planet. Each product is based on seven key values: health, premium, evidence-based, eco-friendly, socially responsible, storytelling, and profitability. Aiming to change the dental care game, The Humble Co provides products with a conscience.

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, flossing is important. Tooth cavities develop in the concealed areas between teeth, where food debris can persist. This is where most tooth decay starts as toothbrush bristles are unable to reach in between. But there is really no need for floss pick to be made entirely from plastic. Instead, The Humble Co uses corn-starch and PP material mix, with a flavored nylon thread to keep your mouth feeling refreshed and clear.

Designed with evidence-based innovation by professional dentists in Sweden, The Humble Co floss sticks are tested and refined. You can be assured they will provide you with the very best of oral care. It doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Natural Floss Picks - Mint

Professionally developed by dentists, these easy-to-use floss sticks will leave your mouth spotless. Double threaded and with a minty flavor to slide easily between teeth and remove hidden nasties. Maintain your oral hygiene with an added minty kick for fresh breath and smile with confidence. Use once a day to achieve the best results. Delivered in eco-friendly packaging.

Natural Floss Picks - Charcoal

Double threaded nylon floss sticks with charcoal, to maximize your oral health. With the addition of charcoal, these are sure to remove plaque effectively. Charcoal also has the added benefit of providing stain removal. Designed by professionals, quality is assured. Give yourself the enjoyment of the dentist’s fresh feel. Use once a day to achieve the best results. Delivered in eco-friendly packaging.


Corn starch and PP-mix polyethylene floss

How should I use floss sticks?

Gently slide the floss against the outside of every tooth, working just below the gumline. Use once a day to achieve maximum oral health by removing hidden plaque between teeth.

Should I floss first or brush first?

The Humble Co recommends that you floss your teeth before brushing to remove plaque, bacteria, and food residue from your mouth effectively. This has also been found to increase the fluoride concentration supplied by toothpaste, which contributes to strengthening your enamel and protecting your teeth against decay. Ideally, finish off your tooth hygiene routine with a rinse from a mouthwash.

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