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Brand - Honcho Agua Fresca

Honcho - Spiked Agua Fresca - Hard Seltzer, 12 Cans

12 Can Variety Pack

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Quick Description

Honcho Spiked Agua Fresca brings you the traditional Mexican fruit juice drink with a little extra kick to get the fiesta going! In three mouthwatering flavors. Pack includes 4x Prickly Pear, 4x Mango, and 4x Blueberry Lemon Flavors.

Key Information

  • Variety Pack of 4x Prickly Pear, 4x Mango, and 4x Blueberry Lemon Flavors
  • Ready to drink
  • 4% alcohol
  • No added sweeteners
  • Gluten-Free
  • Recyclable BPA-Free Can

Product Overview

Every child loves their local push-cart Agua Fresca, infusing Mexican streets with fresh water with a fruit juice punch. When that child grows up, they may want a little kick to get the party started the Latin American way! Enter: Honcho’s Spiked Agua Fresca. Your traditional Agua Fresca, but with 4% alcohol.
Sparkling fresh water with pure fruit juice and fermented fruit wine for a subtly sweet, low-calorie, alcoholic beverage. This convenient multipack brings you two of each flavor, for a night that will never get boring! Mouthwatering Mango, Prickly Pear, and Blueberry Lemon make up this assortment of crisp cans.

Spiked Agua Fresca Mango

Honcho’s Mango flavored Spiked Agua Fresca brings you carbonated water with an infusion of three types of magnificent mangos, topped off with a squeeze of peach. Now that’s a tropical blast sure to get your fire started!

Spiked Agua Fresca Prickly Pear

Getting spiked with this prickly pear won’t hurt at all, we promise! Prickly Pear flavored carbonated water with a hint of pomegranate brings a subtly sweet drink with a crisp and dry aftertaste.

Spiked Agua Fresca Blueberry Lemon

Honcho’s Blueberry Lemon is soft and sour in all the right ways. Subtly sweet blueberries are balanced by tart lemon for a deliciously drinkable Spiked Agua Fresca.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Honcho’s different from other hard seltzers?

Honcho brings you the light flavor and low-calorie goodness of other hard seltzers, but their alcohol is made without the sugar-based additives that many other low-cal drinks are comprised of. They ferment their own all-natural fruit wine for an original approach.

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Honcho - Spiked Agua Fresca - Hard Seltzer, 12 Cans
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