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Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic IPA - 4-Pack


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Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic IPA - 4-Pack

Brand - Gruvi
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Quick Description

Hoppy with subtle notes of citrus, gluten-reduced, & with only 60 calories per can, Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic IPA is the only non-alcoholic beer worth drinking.

Key Information

  • Hoppy and citrusy non-alcoholic IPA
  • 4 pack
  • 60 Calories per can
  • Reduced gluten
  • Vegan and organic

Product Overview

Gluten-reduced and only 60 calories per can, Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic IPA give you that delicious hoppy flavor without the heaviness and regret.

Full of hoppy and citrusy flavor, this perfectly balanced non-alcoholic beer is brewed with a special combination of hops to showcase all the best flavors of an IPA, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the real thing.

Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic IPA is vegan and has far fewer calories per can so you can enjoy it all day and night, without the beer belly! It might just be the best non-alcoholic beer in the world.


Water, BarleyWheat, Malt, Hops, Yeast
Allergens: Barley, Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic IPA gluten-free?

Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic IPA is not gluten-free certified, it’s gluten-reduced and contains less than 20ppm.

Is Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic IPA 100% Alcohol-free?

Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic IPA contains a trace amount of alcohol, less than 0.5% which is not enough to intoxicate an adult, and is small enough to make it a non-alcoholic drink.

Client Reviews

Gruvi - Non-Alcoholic IPA - 4-Pack
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