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Global Healing - Plant-Based Selenium, 60ct

Global Healing - Plant-Based Selenium, 60ct

Brand - Global Healing
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Quick Description

Extracted from mustard seeds, Global Healing Plant-Based Selenium provides 200 mcg of bioavailable selenium to help keep your thyroid and immune system healthy.

Key Information

  • 200 mcg selenium per serving
  • Formulated to support the thyroid gland
  • Designed to strengthen the immune system
  • Developed to aid metabolism
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free

Product Overview

Global Healing Plant-Based Selenium contains Selenium from mustard seeds.

Selenium is essential to normal thyroid function and in the metabolism of thyroid hormones, which are necessary for various body processes such as thermoregulation, muscle contraction, cell reproduction, and energy production. 

Not only is Selenium directly involved in thyroid function, but it is also used in the production of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that helps protect the thyroid from inflammation.

Selenium itself is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and increase the activity of white blood cells to further enhance your immune protection.

Selenium is also involved in neurotransmission and proper Selenium levels are necessary for brain performance and overall mental health.

Why supplement? Selenium levels decline with age and people with compromised guts may have trouble absorbing Selenium through food. Global Healing Plant-Based Selenium is a bioavailable form of Selenium, an easy way to replenish depleted Selenium and help maintain thyroid health. 


Selenium (From Certified Organic Mustard Seed Extract)
Other ingredients: vegetable capsule (cellulose), organic gum acacia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Global Healing Plant-Based Selenium for hypoactive or hyperactive thyroid?

Selenium does not treat specific thyroid conditions. What it does is supports thyroid function by helping the thyroid gland efficiently produce thyroid hormones. It also aids in metabolizing these hormones so cells can use them for different bodily functions.

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Global Healing - Plant-Based Selenium, 60ct
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