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Global Healing - Organic Oregano Oil, 1 fl oz

Global Healing - Organic Oregano Oil, 1 fl oz

Brand - Global Healing
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Quick Description

These Global Healing Organic Oregano Oil with empty capsules is formulated to support healthy digestive, immune, and respiratory systems.

Key Information

  • Formulated to boost the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems
  • Designed to support healthy levels of Candida
  • 100% organic
  • Each bottle contains two to four months worth of use
  • Includes dropper and vegetable capsules for easy use

Product Overview

Global Healing’s Organic Oregano Oil harnesses the power of Oregano, which has been used in medicines for thousands of years to help support digestive, respiratory, and immune health.

This 100% organic formula contains Mediterranean Oregano Oil blended with peppermint oil, detoxifying cayenne extract, and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to promote healthy Candida levels.

This blend of organic oils contains a minimum of 80% carvacrol to support a healthy immune system, aid digestion, help restore bacteria balance in the small intestine, and soothe upset stomachs.

It is also formulated to support a healthy inflammatory response and, with the help of two powerful antioxidants, thymol and carvacrol, boost the immune system and treat fungal imbalance.

The bottle comes with a dropper and 90 empty vegetable capsules. Simply use the dropper to place 6 drops of the formula into a capsule and take before eating 2-3 times daily, unless recommended otherwise by your physician. Take shortly after preparation as the Oregano Oil dissolves the capsule.


Organic Mediterranean oregano oil, organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic peppermint oil, organic cayenne extract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Oregano Oil and oregano essential oil?

Oregano Oil is an oil that has been extracted from oregano leaves, while oregano essential oil is a much more concentrated and fragrant substance. Global Healing Organic Oregano Oil contains Oregano Oil, which is safe to ingest.

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Global Healing - Organic Oregano Oil, 1 fl oz
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