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Frontier Co-Op - Organic Ginger Root, 4.09oz

Frontier Co-Op - Organic Ginger Root, 4.09oz

Brand - Frontier Co-Op
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Quick Description

Enjoy the spicy, aromatic flavors of Frontier Co-Op’s Organic Ginger Root! Preservative-free, this beautiful spice will bring your dishes to life.

Key Information

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Non-irradiated
  • Kosher
  • Aromatic and flavorful

Product Overview

Ginger has long been a staple in different cuisines all over the world and its sweet, spicy flavor can bring a touch of excitement to both your savory and sweet dishes!

Frontier Co-Op’s Organic Ginger Root is organically grown and processed in China, India, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Nigeria. The Ginger Root is dried, ground, and harvested at peak season to keep its full-bodied and complex flavor!

With no preservatives or fertilizers used in its production, you can enjoy the superior quality of this seasoning. This beautiful spice is super versatile and its hot spicy flavor is great for sweet or savory dishes including curries, chutneys, and baked foods, as well as for generously sprinkling onto cooked fruit dishes for an added hug of warmth!

Lovingly housed in premium quality, convenient resealable packaging, this Organic Ginger Root will stay fresh until the last scoop.


Organic ginger

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to strain Frontier Co-Op’s Organic Ginger Root to use it in a drink?

No! This is because it comes in fine, powdered form, making it easily soluble. You do not have to strain it when adding to cold or hot beverages such as tea. It can also be easily used just like any other seasoning to give a subtle spice to your dishes!

Client Reviews

Frontier Co-Op - Organic Ginger Root, 4.09oz
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