Frontier Co-Op - Ground Cloves, 1.92oz

Frontier Co-Op - Ground Cloves, 1.92oz
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Frontier Co-Op - Ground Cloves, 1.92oz

Brand - Frontier Co-Op
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Quick Description

Frontier Co-Op’s Ground Cloves are the perfect add-on for your morning coffee, desserts, and savory dishes. This Madagascar gift of nature is delicious!

Key Information

  • High-quality certified organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO & non-ETO
  • Kosher certified
  • Non-Irradiated

Product Overview

Frontier Co-op has been a big name on the market for high-quality organic spices and seasonings since 1976. This socially responsible cooperative is owned by members that work sustainably and support the preservation of the natural world. Frontier Co-Op’s Ground Cloves are proof of its principles.

These Ground Cloves by Frontier Co-op are rich and flavorful. These dried flower buds are sharply aromatic, natural, and delicious, and have been around since ancient times. Frontier sources their cloves from Comoros, Madagascar, where we personally meet with the growers.

This floral blend is spicy, and you’ll often find it in other blends along with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The robust warm flavor is key in many dishes and sauces. They are also great as part of pickles, marinades, and desserts with dynamic flavor. Frontier Co-Op’s Ground Cloves have no additives and are kosher-friendly.


Organic ground cloves

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an easy way to use Frontier Co-Op’s Ground Cloves in a drink?

A quick and easy recipe with Frontier Co-Op’s Ground Cloves is Coffee with Cinnamon and Cloves.

For this, you’ll need 2 cups of water, 5 teaspoons of instant coffee granules, ½ cinnamon stick (3 inches), and 4 whole cloves. Combine all of the ingredients, boil, and remove from the heat. Leave aside for 5-8 minutes and then strain. Add sugar according to your taste.

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