Forces of Nature - Organic Plant Medicine Multiple Options

Forces of Nature - Organic Plant Medicine Multiple Options

Brand - Forces of Nature
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Quick Description

Forces of Nature brings you natural homeopathic plant-based remedies to boost your brain health, calm your mood and treat heartburn or back pain.

Key Information

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Safe and effective
  • Homeopathic
  • Non-drowsy

Product Overview

Forces of Nature offers an alternative homeopathic treatment using only natural plant-based ingredients that are safe and effective.

Focus More

Enhance your brain by boosting focus, productivity, mood, and memory with Focus More. Focus More is designed to restore calm and balance, whilst enhancing positive mood and attention.

Do you suffer from a failure to concentrate or wake up with brain fog? Focus More is formulated to help you to feel sharp and in the zone, giving you back your attention to help you study or work more effectively. This herbal blend may also help people that suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

This non-drowsy homeopathic remedy is safe and naturally made from plant-based extracts. Dandelions are more than just weeds, they hold a number of benefits. They are linked to filtering and removing waste from your body.

They are full of minerals and vitamins including A, B, C and D. They help restore the balance of potassium, zinc and iron to your body. German Chamomile eases your mood into a relaxing state whilst Green coffee gives you the boost you need to attain strong mental focus.

Calm Mood

Calm Mood brings back your clarity, helping you to think clearly again and boost your creativity and positivity. This unique homeopathic remedy also brings you out of the blues, boosting mood and reducing any anxious or worrisome thoughts. Promote your positive well-being and harmonize your mind with Calm Mood.

This all-natural plant-based concoction is non-drowsy. It offers you a great alternative from many other mood-enhancing formulas that slow you down. Calm Mood also helps to reduce those perpetual negative thoughts and relieves tension to break you out of those anxious and overwhelming thoughts each day.

This easy-to-use relief oil contains scientifically tried and tested homeopathic ingredients, including the calming scent of lavender oil. Holy basil has been thought to possess properties that may help with anxiety, stress, and depression. It has been shown to be an effective remedy in many scientific studies. Verbena is a well-known herb that helps to boost and promote a positive mood. Blue skull-cap, a Native North American herb, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to help aid sleep and calm an anxious mind.


Looking for a natural alternative to treat heartburn? Forces of Nature’s heartburn has a gentle soothing action on the site of discomfort. This unique safe and effective plant-based remedy treats all types of gastro discomfort including; heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach discomfort, and bloating.

The organic formula works to restore harmony in your gut where the herbal extracts work along with your body's own immune defense to restore balance to your body. Marigold, Ginger, Berberis Vulgaris, and Iris versicolor restore pH stability to neutralize any stomach acids that could be causing discomfort higher up the digestive tract. This helps to soothe the stomach and reduce bloating.

Back Pain

Tired of suffering from chronic back and neck pain? Tired of taking constant pain relief and looking for a herbal alternative? Forces of Nature Back pain offers organic medicine that is safe and effective. This unique herbal blend has been shown to be useful in treating lower back pain, sciatica, or dull tension in the neck and shoulders.

This long-lasting plant-based alternative is non-addictive and offers a deep target to the core of the pain. This can also be useful for treating acute injuries such as sprains and muscle tension. A combination of Arnica, St Johns Wart and Horse chestnut treats inflammation going straight to the area of discomfort releasing inflammation targeting compounds including lactones and flavonoids to target the pain right at the source.


*USDA Certified Organic

Focus More
Taraxacum officinale *6C (common name: Dandelion), Verbena *12C (common name: Verbena), Lactuca virosa *12C (common name; Wild lettuce), German chamomile *30C (common name: German chamomile), Coffea cruda *30C (common name: Green coffee), Scutellaria lateriflora *12C (common name: Blue skullcap) Inactive: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol*, Bergamot Oil*

Calm mood
Allium sativum *89C (common name: Garlic), Avena sativa *30X (common name: Oat), Angelica *89C (common name; Angelica), Coffea cruda *30C (common name: Green coffee), Ocimum *89C (common name: Holy basil), Passiflora *20C (common name: Wild maracuja), Scutellaria lateriflora *12C (common name: Blue skullcap), Verbena *6C (common name: Verbena), Piper methysticum *30C (common name:Kava) Inactive: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol*, Lavender Oil*

Allium Sativum *89C (common name: Garlic), Berberis vulgaris* 6X (common name: Barberry), Calendula offcinalis* 6X (common name: Marigold), Iris versicolor* 12C (common name: Northern blue flag), Zingiber officinale*89C (common name: Ginger), Valeriana officinalis* 12C (common name: Valerian),
Inactive: Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol* Peppermint Oil*

Back Pain
Arnica Montana 30C (Common name Arnica), Aesculus hippocastanum 6C (Common name European Horse-Chestnut), Hypericum Perforatum 12C (Common name St. John's Wort), Ruta Graveolens 30C (Common name Rue), Natrum Muriaticum 30C (Common name Sodium Chloride)
Inactive: Sesame Oil, Lavandin Oil, Pine Oil, German Chamomile Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for an alternative to non-organic medications? 

Forces of Nature uses safe and effective homeopathic remedies made from vegan plant-based ingredients that can help you to focus, reduce anxiety, improve mood and relieve pain.

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