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Fody Food Co - Korean BBQ Marinade, 8.5oz

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Marinate, drizzle and glaze to your heart’s content using Fody Food Co Korean BBQ Marinade. Perfect for sensitive stomachs, this marinade is made only with the best gut-happy ingredients like red miso, Himalayan pink salt, avocado oil, and gluten-free tamari. Enjoy the mouthwatering flavor of your favorite dishes in this low FODMAP marinade sauce.

Ingredients: Water, Tamari (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol), Red miso (water, organic whole soybeans, rice, sea salt, koji starter (aspergillus oryzae)], Rice wine vinegar, Organic raw cane sugar, Jalapeno puree, Avocado oil, Arrowroot powder, Tamarind concentrate, Ginger powder, Himalayan pink salt, Organic cayenne pepper.

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Fody Food Co - Korean BBQ Marinade, 8.5oz
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