Fabalish - Plant-Based Ranch Dip, 8oz

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Fabalish - Plant-Based Ranch Dip, 8oz - nutrition facts
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Fabalish - Plant-Based Ranch Dip, 8oz

Brand - Fabalish
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Quick Description

An egg-free ranch! Fabalish Plant-Based Ranch Dip has an Aquafaba base and is seasoned with fresh veggies and spices. A vegan take on an all-time favorite.

Key Information

  • Eggless ranch dressing
  • Made with Aquafaba
  • 100% natural, no junk or synthetic ingredients
  • No cholesterol or carbs 
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, USDA organic

Product Overview

This plant-based ranch dip is Fabalish’s take on the classic ranch dressing, made without mayonnaise, eggs, cream, or milk!

You read that right! This is 100% egg and dairy-free. But how?

Here’s the dish on Fabalish Ranch Dip: it’s made with Aquafaba!

Aquafaba sounds fancy, but it’s actually just the liquid left from cooking chickpeas. It acts like an egg and tastes delish too. No wonder this ranch dip tastes unbelievably good!

Try it on your salad, chips, breadsticks, and gravy. Add it to soup for a flavor that’s hard to pin down. Use it on Pizza Blanca and have a deliciously Fabalish vegan pizza!

Whatever you can think of, you can put Fabalish Plant-Based Ranch Dip on it.


Cold Pressed High-Oleic Sunflower Oil*, Aquafaba*, Lemon Juice*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Himalayan Salt*, Distilled Vinegar*, Onion Powder*, Pepper*, Garlic Powder*, Dijon Mustard* (Water, Mustard Seeds*, Distilled Vinegar*, Salt, Spices*), Dill*, Parsley*, Chives*, Kombu Seaweed*. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the chickpeas used in Fabalish Ranch Dip contain glyphosate?

The chickpeas used for Fabalish Ranch Dip are sourced from Eden Organics and have no detectable amounts of glyphosate.

Why is there sunflower oil in the recipe?

The sunflower oil, together with Aquafaba, create a rich base that is similar to mayonnaise, the original base for the classic ranch dressing. This allows Fabalish to recreate a ranch that’s not only vegan-friendly but safe for people with gluten, milk, and egg allergies.

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