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Equal Exchange - Organic Whole Bean Coffee Multiple Blends

Equal Exchange - Organic Whole Bean Coffee Multiple Blends

Brand - Equal Exchange
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Quick Description

Equal Exchange Organic Whole Bean Coffee uses 100% Fairly traded Arabica beans grown by small farmers worldwide. Multiple delicious blends to choose from.

Key Information

  • 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee
  • Fairly Traded, Grown by Small Farmers
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher
  • Choice of 3 Delicious Blends

Product Overview

A number of coffee companies boast Fair Trade credentials, but not many can hold a torch to Equal Exchange. While many others only fairly trade a token amount of their beans, at Equal Exchange100% of their coffee is fairly traded.

The first company to bring fair trade coffee to the United States in 1991, Equal Exchange has stayed committed to its quest for fairness and has been a worker-owned co-op since 1990.

Offering three delicious blends that you can enjoy knowing you’re supporting fairness and equity at every stage of the coffee production process.

Organic Mind, Body & Soul - 12 oz

A combination of medium and Vienna roasts, this blend offers the drinker a smooth and creamy experience. Hints of almond, malt, and dark chocolate are balanced with chocolate notes. A medium roast between light and dark, the drinker will also be able to detect nutty, rain, butterscotch, vanilla, walnut, and brown sugar notes.

Organic Coffee Breakfast Blend - 12 oz

Easy drinking and accessible, this blend is great for breakfast and any other time of the day too! Notes of toffee, hazelnut, chocolate, and caramel give the Breakfast Blend its silky and round mouthfeel. A combination of medium and French roasts, notes of vanilla and citrus are also detectable.

Organic French Roast - 10 oz

Rich and dark, the French Roast dials up the intensity in your drinking experience. Think notes of brown sugar, brownie, fudge, and bittersweet chocolate. Velvety and thick with a subtle smoky flavor, this is a deeply satisfying blend for a full-on mouthfeel.

Love Buzz - 12oz 

A sultry blend of full-bodied, smoky Full City & French roasts, this fabulous Organic Love Buzz Coffee is deep with a hue of sweetness. With notes of nutty malt, toffee, chocolate brownie, and silky caramel, this whole bean blend is a real treat for the palette.

Midnight Sun - 10oz 

Not for the faint of heart, Midnight Sun is the heavy metal of the whole bean coffee world. Gorgeously dense, bittersweet, and earthy, this coffee has subtle notes of burnt almonds, sumptuous dark chocolate, cracked black pepper, and the faint suggestion of the embers of a fire. Fantastic for balancing out sweet desserts, this coffee is difficult to forget.

Colombian - 12oz

This cheerful, fruity, medium-strength Organic Colombian coffee is a beautiful everyday kind of bean. With jubilant ribbons of rose, lime, and grapefruit flowing throughout, this floral Full City Roast is a complex symphony of flavors on the tongue, a carnival for the mouth! Leaving you with a gift of sourness, sweetness, and earthiness long after it’s been drunk. 


All Blends
100% Organic Arabica Coffee

Love Buzz - 12oz 

100% Arabica Coffee

Midnight Sun - 10oz 

100% Arabica Coffee

Colombian - 12oz

100% Arabica Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What measurements do I use for this coffee?

Depending on how strong you like it, 1-2 tbsp per 6oz of water.

How long from when the coffee is roasted to the ‘best by’ date?

All coffees are roasted in West Bridgewater, MA, 18 months prior to the ‘best by’ date.

Why choose Equal Exchange?

Unlike many other companies who only fairly trade a small percentage of their beans, 100% of Equal Exchange’s coffee is fairly traded. As a worker-owned co-op Equal Exchange is committed to transparency and equity at all stages of coffee production.

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