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Earth Animal - Aches & Pains Supplement for Dogs, 2oz

Earth Animal - Aches & Pains Supplement for Dogs, 2oz

Brand - Earth Animal
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Quick Description

The Earth Animal Aches & Pains Supplement is the natural remedy you can feel good giving to your pooch. Administer daily and watch their discomfort fade away!

Key Information

  • Supports your Dog’s Inflammatory Response
  • Organic Herbal Blend
  • Formulated by Veterinarian Dr. Bob Geldstein
  • NASC Quality Seal
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Product Overview

Whether you have an older pooch with stiff joints or a younger pup with health issues, no one likes to see their dog in pain. If only there was something out there to help soothe our doggy’s discomfort. Introducing Earth Animal’s Ache and Pain Supplement…

Earth Animal Aches & Pains Supplement is a natural remedy with a big impact. Earth Animal has been concocting natural remedies for our dogs for over 40 years, so, it is safe to say our furry friends are in good hands.

This supplement is a prime example of Earth Animal’s expertise. This organic blend is a thoughtful mix of White Willow bark, Vervain, and Devil’s Claw. These herbal extracts are proven to reduce inflammation, provide natural pain relief, and help soothe discomfort and soreness.

Just two doses a day and Earth Animal Aches & Pains Supplement for Dogs will help support your dog’s inflammatory responses and get them feeling themselves again, without the worries and side effects of hardcore medication. This supplement is a must-have. Why? Because happy dogs mean happy owners!


White Willow, Feverfew, Black Cohosh, Devils Claw, Vervain, Meadowsweet, Licorice Root, Yucca Root, Alcohol, Borage Flower Essence, Camomile Flower Essence, Elderflower Essence, Glycerin, Valerian FLower Essence, and Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I administer the Earth Animal Aches & Pains Supplement for Dogs?

This Aches & Pains Supplement could not be easier to administer. Coming in liquid form, in a handy bottle with a pipette dropper, this natural remedy can be easily dropped directly into your dog’s mouth. Alternatively, drop it into your dog’s water bowl and your pooch won’t even notice drinking it! As long as it is consumed orally, it doesn’t matter. This supplement can be given to your dog once daily, or every other day, depending on your pooch’s weight.

Calculate the appropriate dosage for your dog according to these directions:
3-7 lbs - 4 drops
8-15 lbs - 5-8 drops
16 - 35 lbs - 10-12 drops
36 - 85 lbs - 15-18 drops
86+ lbs - 20-25 drops

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Earth Animal - Aches & Pains Supplement for Dogs, 2oz
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