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Earnest Eats - Snacking Avocado, 0.6oz

Earnest Eats - Snacking Avocado, 0.6oz

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Quick Description

Enjoy simply prepared avocado slices on your own terms with a pack of Earnest Eats’ Snacking Avocado! You’re getting more than half an avocado in every pack!

Key Information

  • Lightly seasoned avocado slices
  • Freeze-dried and tasty
  • Simple and clean snack
  • Made with real Hass avocados
  • Available in 3 tasty flavors

Product Overview

It’s time to enjoy avocados your way and in your own time. These grab-and-go Snacking Avocados from Earnest Eats are great to have around. They come in three tasty flavors including Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Lime, and Roasted Chipotle!

The avocado slices are crisp because they’re freeze-dried. Think of them as avocado chips. They’re clean, simple, lightly seasoned avocados!

What kind of avocados are these, you ask? They’re Hass Avocados! Known for their rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious taste!

Crispy and tasty, they’re the perfect snack to get addicted to. Choose one flavor or choose them all!

Sea Salt

If you think avocados already taste great and need nothing else added to them, then you’ll love the Sea Salt Snacking Avocado! Apart from a bit of sea salt, it is the natural taste of avocado that really shines through here.

Sea Salt & Lime

They’ve got the crunch and now they’ve got the tang! Earnest Eats’ Sea Salt & Lime Snacking Avocados have been seasoned with sea salt, lime, and lemon juice for a more complex flavor.

Roasted Chipotle

If you after a snack with more punch and kick, then the Roasted Chipotle flavor is the one for you. Don’t worry! The naturally creamy taste of Hass avocados balances the spice very well!


Sea salt
Hass Avocado, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice

Sea Salt & Lime
Hass avocado, lime juice, sea salt, lemon juice.

Roasted Chipotle
Hass avocado, seasoning (chipotle pepper, black pepper, cumin, garlic, onion, achiote pepper), sea salt, lemon juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store Earnest Eats’ Snacking Avocado?

Keep your packs in a cool and dry place. These avocado slices come in resealable packs that are handy if you don’t manage to finish the bag. This helps these freeze-dried avocados to stay crispy.

What else can I do with Earnest Eats’ Snacking Avocado?

Try topping off your salads with them. They’re on the savory side, so think of them like potato chips. They also go well with dips!

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