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D'Vash Organics - Date Syrup, 14.1oz

D'Vash Organics - Date Syrup, 14.1oz

Brand - D'Vash Organics
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Quick Description

D'Vash Organics Date Syrup is made with 100% dates. Sweet and yummy like honey, it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains 25% less sugar!

Key Information

  • Honey and syrup alternative
  • 25% less sugar than honey
  • Low glycemic
  • 100% dates, no sugar added
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, fat-free

Product Overview

Introducing the classic D'Vash Organics Date Syrup, now in a squeezable bottle!

Made with 100% organic dates, D'Vash Organics Date Syrup tastes sweet like honey but contains 25% less sugar.

This low-glycemic sweetener makes a yummy sugar alternative that tastes much better than artificial and often bitter sugar substitutes.

Gluten-free and fat-free, it’s a great way to sweeten beverages, dishes, desserts, and dressings.

It’s 100% natural too. No preservatives or GMOs and definitely no disturbed beehives or angry bees!


100% dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Does D'Vash Organics Date Syrup contain dietary fiber?

Yes, D'Vash Organics uses a fiber-rich date variety when making its date syrup, resulting in a syrup that provides 2g of fiber per serving.

How does D'Vash Organics Date Syrup differ from D'Vash Organics Date Nectar?

D'Vash Organics Date Nectar is certified USDA Organic while D'Vash Organics Date Syrup is not. They are also derived from dates sourced from different regions, resulting in slightly different flavors.

Client Reviews

D'Vash Organics - Date Syrup, 14.1oz
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