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DeLallo - Black Pitted Olives, 6oz

DeLallo - Black Pitted Olives, 6oz

Brand - Delallo
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Quick Description

Juicy, firm, and utterly delicious, these Spanish black olives are the healthy, sought-after, and tasty pantry staple that your kitchen is craving. Whether you’re snacking or impressing guests, these olives won’t fail to satisfy.

Key Information

  • Specially cured for a mild, earthy flavor
  • Firm and extra plump
  • Kosher
  • May contain remnants of pits

Product Overview

These Spanish olives are salty, ripe, and bursting with their own natural flavor. Their full, fleshy texture and earthy taste trump other olive brands you’ll find in stores. Pitted for convenience, you might find they’re a bit too convenient as you’re eating them straight out of the tin. Super versatile and easy to incorporate into your favorite meals - place them on pizzas, put them in pasta salads, tomato sauces, sandwiches, or wraps! Although renowned as a producer of classic Italian foods, DeLallo has expanded its expertise to Mediterranean specialty foods, such as these luscious olives. This doesn’t change DeLallo’s philosophy on cultivating high-quality and authentic food to be enjoyed by people everywhere. Their consistently delicious foods have attracted loyal customers since 1950.


Water, Olives, Salt, Ferrous Gluconate

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use DeLallo Black Pitted Olives? We know how delicious these olives are. If you need some help on how to incorporate them into your meals, here are a couple of suggestions!

Greek Salad: Get into a Mediterranean mood by sprinkling these succulent olives on a vegan Greek salad. Take a diced red onion, chopped cucumber, chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped green pepper, and your DeLallo olives and mix in a serving bowl. Add some vegan tofu feta, olive oil, oregano, salt, and pepper to serve.

Crispy olive bruschetta: Crush cherry tomatoes and finely chop your DeLallo black olives. Spread your olives and tomatoes onto garlicky toasted ciabatta. Drizzle with olive oil and season.

Client Reviews

DeLallo - Black Pitted Olives, 6oz
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