from body-building fanatics to first-time gymmers. For many different people, vegan protein powder is their bread and butter, and they can’t live without it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vegan protein powder healthier than non-vegan protein? 

Vegan protein powders are generally quite similar to non-vegan protein powders: they can contain the same amount of protein and have the same impact on your body in terms of muscle growth and weight loss. However, non-vegan protein powders often contain lactose. Lactose is a property found in dairy products which often is an irritant for lots of different people. As vegan protein powders don’t contain lactose, this ticks one box other powders can’t tick which may mean they are healthier for you than non-vegan options!

Does plant protein affect kidneys?

One of the jobs our kidneys have in our bodies is getting rid of the waste products our bodies don’t need when breaking down protein. So, if more of the right kind of proteins are put into our bodies, then our kidneys don’t have to work so hard. That’s why consuming protein powders can be good for our kidneys. Not only this, but studies suggest that plant protein specifically (not animal-based protein) may be better for our kidneys in this regard. There’s one more reason to enjoy plant-based protein!

How should protein powders be used?

Vegan protein powder can be taken before, during, or after a workout to get the right proteins in your body, it doesn’t just have to be taken in recovery. In fact, it is more important to work out exactly the right amount of protein for your body, rather than controlling when you consume it. 

What should I mix vegan protein powder with? 

A plant-based protein powder can be mixed into a shake and consumed to replace one of your daily meals. It can also be mixed into juices or any other foods that you would like to try with it. 

You can mix it into anything you want! However, the best vegan protein powder will have the ultimate results if combined with other foods that contain great nutrients, for example, with fruit and nut butter in a yummy smoothie!