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The skincare industry is waking up to the potential harms caused by products containing an excess of chemicals. At PlantX we have carefully selected a range of vegan body wash and vegan shower gel that keeps things natural.

Try our vegan bath products if you want next-level skincare that is honest and environmentally conscious. Our natural shower gels and natural body washes will truly respect your skin, keeping you squeaky clean and super soft. Read on to find out more!

What is vegan body wash and what ingredients are used?

Vegan body wash is body wash that’s… vegan! We sell luxurious natural and cruelty-free natural body wash that will leave your skin feeling that little bit extra. Vegan body wash has not been tested on animals. We don’t believe in animal testing when it comes to skincare products, and that’s why we select the best range of vegan shower gel and vegan body wash to get you nice and clean without harming any of our furry friends!

At PlantX we love animals and we think they need to be given the same respect as us! We don’t use animal products and instead, we embrace a natural, plant-based lifestyle without compromise.

Our vegan body wash products contain a range of different ingredients. To give some examples, they may contain sage oil, rosemary oil, Virginiana wood extract, aloe leaf juice, hemp seed oil, grapefruit peel oil, or papaya extract. Each product has been developed through rigorous research and testing to make sure it’s as kind and supportive as can be.

Why vegan body wash is better for you

Our vegan body wash and natural shower gels are made with natural ingredients that will make the best of your skin. Regular shower gels and body washes often contain ingredients that are actually toxins.

Many top-selling brands of body wash and shower gel contain nasty ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, coal tar, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrances. These chemical products are absorbed into the body easily and can have a range of adverse effects with continued use.

One study found that triclosan - a common ingredient in skincare products - could potentially impact the immune system and our cardiovascular response. At PlantX, it’s a risk we don’t want to take. That’s why we bring you the most natural body wash and natural shower gel, to keep your body smiling. Our natural body wash and natural shower gel will get you squeaky clean without drying your skin out.

Vegan shower gels and vegan body washes are made with a mindful approach to your body and the environment. Vegan bath products have come in leaps and bounds in recent years. People are waking up to the importance of using natural skincare, and we want to make it easier than ever for you to buy the right products.

What’s the difference between body wash and shower gel?

One of life’s great mysteries! Technically, the difference between shower gel and body wash is consistency. Body wash tends to be thinner, creamier, and with a consistency more like liquid hand soap. Shower gels tend to be less runny and - as the name suggests - more gel-like. Both shower gel and body wash function to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells.

To be honest, shower gels and body washes are very similar! The main difference between each product is what it is made of. The best thing to do if you are unsure is to check the ingredients and description on each vegan bath product’s page to decide which one is best for you. Everyone’s skin is different. Some of us have dry skin, some have oily skin. Have a look at your body and figure out what kind of skin you have so you can find the perfect blend of ingredients to care for you.

We have a range of natural body washes and natural shower gels to cater to all skin types. We love shower gel and body wash equally - try a couple out and see what you prefer!

Top vegan body wash brands to try

  • Every Man Jack - Cedarwood Body Wash
    A rich and woody aroma will fill the air when you use this luxurious body wash. Infused with rosemary and sage essential oils, it’s made from 97% naturally derived ingredients. This vegan body wash will keep your skin nice and hydrated, as well as squeaky clean. It smells like a spa day!
  • Andalou Naturals - MEN Invigorating Body Wash
    This vegan body wash is a handy 3-in-1 product which means you can safely and effectively use it on your body, face, AND hair. Super convenient, cost-saving, and perfect if you’re in a rush! It contains 100% pure hemp seed oil and natural aloe vera and is suitable for both dry and oily skin. Your skin will thank you!
  • EO - Shower Gel Orange Blossom & Vanilla
    This natural shower gel smells like a summer’s day! Slather it over your skin and breathe in the soothing scent. It contains loads of nourishing natural ingredients such as chamomile, white tea, calendula, and fig. It’s soothing and invigorating at once!
  • The Honest Company - Dreamy Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash
    This is a calming natural body wash and shampoo that we love using at night. It cleanses and moisturizes like a pro, and it’s tear-free so perfect for the whole family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vegan body wash is best for oily skin?

If you’ve got oily skin, you’ll want a body wash that is high-powered, to wash excess oil away. Natural body wash is a great choice as it’s super cleansing but won’t dry your skin out. If you dry your skin out with a chemical-laden body wash, your body will produce excess oil to overcompensate.

The Honest Company does a range of luxurious vegan body wash that can also be used on your hair. They use gentle, natural ingredients to achieve a strong cleansing power without drying your skin out. Calendula flower extract works to hydrate the skin and leave you looking smooth, soft, and radiant!

Can I use body wash to wash my hair?

Some of our natural body washes are specially designed to be used on hair as well as body. The Honest Company’s range of Shampoo Body Wash is gentle enough to use on hair as well as the body. It comes in a fragrance-free version for anyone with super sensitive skin or scalp.

Babo Botanicals 3 in 1 Eucalyptus Remedy can be used as a body wash, shampoo, and even a bubble bath! It was designed with children in mind so you can rest assured there won’t be any tears. It’s a handy all-in-one product for the whole family.

Which body wash is best for skin whitening?

We don’t sell body wash that whitens your skin, but we do sell body wash that brightens the skin. Skin can look dull or pigmented due to factors such as pollution, sun, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Whitening products and body washes tend to contain harmful chemicals, and we want to avoid this.

For that reason, we suggest that you care for your skin in other ways, in addition to using a natural body wash. It’s important to get enough sleep, drink enough water, wear sunscreen, moisturize, and exfoliate. Occasional facial steams, face masks, or face massages can do wonders too!

Can I use body wash every day?

Good news: you can safely use body wash every day. The most important thing is that you use natural body wash and choose one that suits your skin type. We recommend showering or bathing at least once a day and no more than twice.

Our range of vegan body washes are kind to skin and are highly unlikely to cause any issues with continued use unless you have a specific skin condition. If you find that body wash irritates your skin, stop using it immediately. If you are having problems with your skin, we recommend you speak to a dermatologist to figure out which body wash would be best for you.

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