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Late July Snacks - Organic Salsa
Late July Organic Salsas in Mild and Medium are fresh, tangy and flavorful with a thick, chunky texture - a perfect pairing for any chips or tacos. Key Information Vegan and Gluten-Free Contains Only Fresh, Organic Ingredients Made with Non-GMO...
Fody Food Co - Mild Salsa Low FODMAP, 16 oz
Discover a world of delectable, gut-friendly low FODMAP foods starting with this mild salsa that’s also verified non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Taste only natural flavors with cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, cumin, jalapeno, and lime. It’s also got protein, calcium, vitamin C,...
Fody Food Co - Medium Salsa Low FODMAP, 16 oz
Make Taco Tuesday anytime, any day within the comforts of your home with this delicious, brightly flavored and authentic low FODMAP medium salsa. Rich in tomatoes and spicy jalapenos, it’s perfect for those who want to spice it up a...
Que Pasa – Chipotle Salsa, 16 Oz
Que Pasa Chipotle Salsa is a bold and smoky blend of organic tomatoes and spices bursting with flavor. Made for those who enjoy a spicier salsa that balances both heat and flavor. Pair together with your favorite chips or add...
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