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Navitas - Hemp Seeds, 8oz

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Cadia - Raw Hemp Seeds, 12oz

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Navitas - Hemp Powder, 12oz

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Hemp, technically belonging to the nut family, is a rather magical ingredient to add to your diet. Boasting a whole host of intriguing potential health boosts for your body, we recommend diving into the fascinating world of hemp supplements with us. Whether it be hemp seed protein, hemp seed powder, or stripped-back organic hemp seeds, we’ve got you covered at PlantX. 

What is Hemp?

We thought it probably best to start by answering the question of what is hemp? When many people think of the word hemp, their mind is swept to the world of cannabis and the anxiety-inducing neon paraphernalia that tends to come along with it. In actual fact, hemp is a hugely versatile, healthful, and exciting ingredient.

Not only can hemp be used as a material to make sustainable clothing, packaging, paper, and even insulation, but it's also an excellent gift to give your body in terms of nutrition. Hemp, to put it simply, is a plant

Hemp belongs to the Cannabis Sativa family but contains little to no amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis Sativa) unlike its cannabis counterpart. So don’t worry, you won’t be feeling any mind-altering effects from your hemp seeds or hemp seed powder.

Hemp is a very sustainable source of material and foodstuff. This is because it’s an extremely fast-growing plant, which means that farmers can continue producing bountiful yields without having to worry about the hemp plants running out! 

When it comes to hemp supplements, we’re talking about a plethora of exciting ways to ingest this precious ingredient. You may find hemp in the form of hemp seed protein powder, oil, or integrated into snacks such as these Navitas - Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp

Just check out our excellent selection of hemp supplements products at PlantX and you’re bound to find something that suits you. 

Uses of hemp products 

So, what exactly can hemp supplements be used for? Well, firstly, hemp seeds - sometimes known as hemp hearts - are a brilliant source of dietary fiber. Eating organic hemp seeds and hemp seed products is a good idea if you want to keep your digestive system ticking along healthily. 

If you want the stats, a 28g serving of hemp seeds contains approximately 1.1g of fiber. We all know fiber is essential for our health, with adequate fiber intake helping to stave off type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer

Another reason to buy hemp seeds and start consuming them is their impressive protein content. In 30g of hemp seeds, you’ll find a hearty 9.46g of protein. This makes these lovely little seeds almost as proteinous as the widely worshipped soybean! 

It’s pretty common for us vegans to experience protein deficiencies if we’re not careful, as the protein in meat, fish, and dairy products can be a lot easier for our bodies to absorb than plant-based protein. However, with the help of hemp supplements, soy-based products, and plenty of pulses, you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much.

Healthy fats are also intrinsically important for our bodily function. We’re talking olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds as opposed to butter, burgers, and red meat. Healthy fats help us to absorb essential vitamins and minerals, as well as provide the body with fatty acids, something our body relies on us to feed it! 

Hemp seeds, you’ll be pleased to know, are packed with all those gorgeous fatty acids which help us to function at our best. Another reason to buy hemp seeds today and reap the benefits!

Top brands to try

Luckily, we are totally spoilt for choice these days when it comes to great hemp seed supplement brands. Here are a couple of our favorites at PlantX:


These guys are the queens of organic hemp seeds, specializing in high-quality hemp seed products that have been gently shelled, meaning they retain optimum nutritional content. 

This hearty 8oz bag of Navitas Hemp Seeds will keep you going for a while. You can sprinkle a tablespoon or so onto your morning granola, whack them into the blender for a smoothie, or use them to adorn a crispy salad. 

Navitas have also managed to perfect the ultimate hybrid superfood snack: Navitas Power Snacks Blueberry Hemp. These unbelievably tasty bites are sweetened with date paste, and boosted with - get this - goji powder, chia seeds, and maca powder. It doesn’t get much more super than that… 

If you’d rather experiment with hemp seed powder as opposed to whole hemp seeds, Navitas has also got you sorted with their powerful and simple Navitas Hemp Powder. Packed with magnesium, iron, and all those fabulous amino acids, this fine powder is conveniently easy to incorporate into your meals. 

Manitoba Harvest 

Equally trusty, Manitoba Harvest has brought to the table a failsafe offering of Hemp Hearts Shelled in a whopping 16oz bag. Non-GMO, Kosher, and Paleo-friendly, these guys know what they’re doing. 


Producers of high-grade Raw Hemp Seeds harvested from the heart of the hemp plant, Buy Cadia’s hemp seeds and relish in their tender, nutty, seedy goodness. As versatile as the next hemp seed, toss these babies on top of a pasta dish, or let them release their powers in your creamy overnight oats. 

Health benefits of hemp

We’ve already covered the obvious ones: protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Now it’s time for the lesser-known but equally as exciting health factors of the almighty hemp seed.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of antioxidants when it comes to our bodily health. We all know the word, and goodness knows we throw it around, but what does it actually mean? In essence, an antioxidant-rich diet helps to prevent the body’s cells from becoming oxidated, so they’re stronger against toxins and more resistant to damage.

You may have guessed by now that hemp seeds are, thank the Lord, absolutely packed with antioxidants! Hallelujah! The range of antioxidants contained within hemp seed supplements and products can help reduce the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. What more could you want on your morning cereal?

Additionally, hemp seed supplements are full of wonderful vitamins and minerals that are incredible for our bodies. Here are just a few of the beneficial vitamins and minerals contained within those lovely little seeds: 

  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Folate

No wonder they’re widely considered to be a superfood by health-minded people! These vitamins and minerals are considered to be beneficial for maintaining good cognitive and cardiovascular health, as well as promoting an all-around boost for your body and in turn, your wellbeing.

Frequently asked questions

Does hemp oil reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face?

Hemp oil has stormed onto the scene for anti-aging and skin-care purposes, and for good reason. Research shows that hemp essential oil has been effective for treating types of skin acne due to its anti-lipogenic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Hemp oil is a divinely moisturizing oil, which promotes silky, plump skin without blocking the skin’s pores and creating spots. We recommend integrating a drop or two of high-grade hemp oil into your nighttime skincare routine. 

Try massaging some into your face post-wash, and enjoy a naturally moisturized face and neck! If anything staves away wrinkles and fine lines, it's a regular moisturizing skincare regime with good quality natural plant oils. 

Is hemp helpful for high blood pressure?

Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are well proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. These compounds contained in hemp seed products can be instrumental in regulating blood pressure to a healthy level. 

So, if you yourself experience high blood pressure, it’s definitely worth giving hemp seeds in any of their forms a good go. Buy hemp seeds in your next grocery shop and enjoy the cardiovascular benefits from these yummy seeds. 

A simple sprinkling of hemp seed protein powder like this Nutiva Hemp Seed Protein Powder on your morning oatmeal, smoothie, or even in a steaming mug of oat milk matcha tea, will do its bit for your heart health. 

Do hemp seeds contain magnesium?

Yes! Hemp seed supplements are a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is a seriously important compound for our bodies to keep topped up on. Plenty of scientific research shows that low levels of magnesium in the human body can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, migraines, and osteoporosis, amongst many other chronic diseases. 

You can see why magnesium is important for us to get enough of - and luckily hemp seeds make that easy for us to do! In 30g of hemp seeds, you’ll find around 210mg of magnesium. To put that into context, if you take an average magnesium tablet supplement you’ll be getting around 350mg of magnesium. In other words, it’s the best part of your daily allowance! 

Can I use hemp seeds for pain relief?

Hemp seed oil has effective anti-inflammatory properties, so you can apply it directly to an area of pain in your body such as a swollen joint or a painful muscle. You are likely to experience a degree of pain relief, but do not rely solely on hemp oil for pain relief purposes if your pain is very severe. 
One common thread amongst the alternative medicine community is the use of hemp seed oil for effective pain relief against arthritis. This study showed that hemp seeds were effective in reducing pain for patients with osteoarthritis, however, more research needs to be conducted in this field.

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