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Flavoured Creamer. We can practically hear all the hardcore coffee fans out there wince at the very thought of it. How dare people taint a perfect cup of black coffee? Well, here at PlantX, we say… you clearly haven’t tasted our selection of luxurious vegan creamers yet! 

While some love the strong taste of black coffee or tea, we know the joy of a comforting mug of thick, silky smooth, creamy tea or coffee. Sometimes, that little extra love is something you just can’t beat. 

So, whether you are a fan of a little extra sweetness or are looking to change it up from regular old milk, look no further. We have just the treat for you. With a delicious array of vegan flavored creamers, get ready to take your tea and coffee to heights that milk simply cannot reach. Stick around and have a browse, you are in for a whole new realm of possibilities...

The History of Creamer

The history of creamer can never be known for certain. The story goes that Robert E. Rich created non-dairy creamer in 1945. During the second world war, Rich was running a farm in New York. Due to the war, the war agency had to reroute dairy products to soldiers. This got Rich thinking about the non-dairy alternatives he could produce for the people still at home. 

It was this train of thought that initiated the creation of creamer. After much trying, Rich came up with a soy-bean-based product. It went down a huge hit. Sold under the name Rich’s Whip Topping, the product became a staple of school cafeterias, restaurants and bakeries far and wide.

While you may or may not find Rich’s Whip Topping among our creamers, you’ll find that we at PlantX have an excellent selection of delicious vegan creamers. Have a browse!

What is Creamer?

Creamer is a substance that is used to thicken coffee or black tea. It is a way to give hot beverages that silky soft flavor we are all after. Usually, creamer is used in replacement of milk or cream. It is sold in both liquid and powder form. 

Most creamers (and 100% of the creamers sold at PlantX) are dairy-free. The ingredients of creamer will vary depending on what brand you purchase. However, most creamers are made with water, sugar/sugar substitutes, and vegetable oil. Creamers come in a wide variety of flavors and are a great way to change up your morning coffee or tea.

What is the difference between using creamer and using milk in your coffee or tea?

As not so many are familiar with the magical world of creamers, most people thicken their coffee or tea with milk. However, milk is not made with hot drinks in mind. Creamers, on the other hand, are made with the purpose of thickening coffee and tea. Creamers cannot be consumed on their own, only in addition to our favorite toasty beverages.

Milk is a creamy liquid that can be made in multiple ways. Previously, the most common type of milk was cow’s milk. However, since the vegan revolution, milk is now made from multiple sources. Almonds, oats, hazelnuts, hemp, peas - you name it. Milk tends to have quite a subtle flavor, and usually contains very few ingredients. 

Creamers are usually made with water, sugar/sugar substitutes, and vegetable oil. This means creamers, in comparison to milk, are dairy-free by design. Creamers also tend to have a longer ingredient list than milk and come in a larger variety of flavors. They also have a longer shelf life than milk. 

The only way to know the real difference between using creamer instead of milk is to try it for yourself! With a delicious selection of vegan creamers available at PlantX, now is the perfect time to get started!

How to use creamer? 

Using creamer is as easy as pie. Creamer is sold ready to go. Whether you purchase creamer in powder or liquid form, simply add it into your hot tea or coffee and stir away. Once you are happy with the consistency, drink up!

PlantX top tip! If you’re using a creamer in cold or iced coffee, stir it a little bit more. Due to the lack of heat, it may take some more tender love and care to fully dissolve!

What does creamer taste like? 

Creamer is designed to have a similar mouthfeel and texture to milk. As the name suggests, creamer has a creamy and thick texture that levels up any hot drink. The exact flavor depends on which flavor of creamer you buy - for example, classic, vanilla, or even chocolate. With creamer, the world really is your oyster!

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