Sean Dollinger's Favorites

Favorite Plant-Based Restaurants:


  • Breakfast at Stellas
  • Carbone fast fired [Gluten Free Vegan Pizza]
  • Vegan Sushi Wasabi [caterpillar roll]


  • WorkShop Cafe – Vegetarian – Spicy Tam Tam is Vegan the way it is and it is amazing! 100% lunch go to!
  • Chi Vegan started eating here just a few months ago (summer 2020) and it is amazing everything I have ordered off the menu is great!
  • could have one of the best soups I have ever had in my life and completely Vegan Golden Temple Soup
  • Best Vegan doughnut and Gluten free Lucky Doughnuts I rarely eat anything like this but a black coffee with a couple bites is special
  • Saha Eatery in Squamish does a Vegan menu and the food has amazing flavor. It is could be the best Hummus in Vancouver

Los Angeles

LA is one of those spots that almost any place can be transformed into a Plant Based treat. Here are some of the places that do it great and get my stamp of approval.

  • One hotel that goes out of its way is the Dorchester collection (Bel Air hotel) the restaurant has amazing dishes (Summer 2020) Spaghetti squash is great. As well the hotel has some of the best gluten free bread I have ever had (seeded one). For breakfast even sides likes mushrooms, spinach and kale are great.
  • Sqirl for lunch is really great! You can not go wrong with any Plant based item on the menu.
    Stella plant based is the way I go
  • TowerLobby makes a great curry, plant based soup and some other great plant based meals and it is open late which is nice.