Thatch Miami

3255 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137

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José Ignacio Salaverría
a month ago

Wow. So many things to say about this place. First the waitress was a sweetheart so easy going, attend yet relaxed. Great girl. The nachos were good, and the tofu. But he pizza was just amazing, so many complex flavors, yet soft. It is a little on the pricy side to make it my every week place, but it is well worth it for special occasions. I just have a new favorite high end vegan place. Sorry plants, new king in town.

Cassie Swider
2 months ago

I wish I could give it ten stars. Was so thrilled to find such a gem in Miami ! The food, service, vibes and atmosphere were outstanding. As a veteran of the F&B industry of over 15 years I was very impressed. Vegan or non vegan there is something for everyone and a wide range of cuisine. As I left the restaurant, I already wanted to go back. I cannot wait to try more things on the menu. I would suggest something to get but EVERYTHING was fantastic. Thank you!

Alfonso Migueldepriego
a month ago

No one greeted at the door, the place was empty and had to approach someone at the counter that I wanted to be seated. The chef was having a chat with the manager and didn’t even bother to ask if I needed help. I got seated. Ordered ginger fix. It took a while to get a refill of water, after 3 times the waitress realized it was best to leave the bottle at the table. The Buddha Bowl was good, interesting, lots of flavor, filling and delicious; the same could be said of the Pad Thai ( the waitress stated they I had a kick but didn’t feel anything - I do like very spicy foods). The Pad Thai was enjoyable, clean and tasty. The waitress forgot to tell us that the tip is included and it’s something it’s should be done as an etiquette. Will order take out but not coming back to a place that is not willing to go the extra mile for a client in the middle of a pandemic.

Chantal Snowden
2 weeks ago

The food options are good. But if you’re sensitive to how your food is prepared (like me) this might not be a good spot. The cooks do not wear gloves, and I even saw one cook dig into a container of croutons, put one in his mouth, and go on to prepare a dish without washing his hands. The attitude in the kitchen is too cavalier. As good as the food is, I doubt I will come back.

Charles Stickles
a month ago

So is the food here actually certified organic and or organically grown but with the official label?.. I seriously question this now based on the verbiage of the older menus vs. what is posted for the online menu now. I would really like to know and will change my rating according. Props for having a above average type of water filtration system and at non-condascending staff. They tried to answer my question over the phone before. However given the extremely high percentage of restaurants that are only partially organic, I am a bit skeptic of many places.