Maria’s mexican food

5405 Douglas Ave, Des Moines, IA 50310

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Melissa Ocampo
a month ago

I'm probably the few here with a Spanish last name. I was offered a fried taco I haven't eaten in 24 hours so I was drooling. I took a bite and I felt like I was just eating crunchy oil. No other flavor. If that makes sense? I noticed that a lot of these "Mexican" restaurants use the cheapest ingredients (good price on food tho) they make their food very Americanized so I understand why a lot of others really like it because it taste just like taco seasoning Tuesday which we don't have in Mexico. The cheap ground beef had so much fat that the meat felt like a paste. Each to their own. I just wish they didn't use my Moms name. The food would disgrace our whole ancestry. But a taco is a taco and we can all agree tacos rule whether some like others better than others.

Jessica Drey
a month ago

Food was authentic and the queso was fantastic. People were friendly and gave great service. The food was hot and even the chips and salsa were amazing. I highly recommend!

Carol Rhoads
2 weeks ago

Good food. Good service. Affordable prices. Always satisfied!

Melissa Hodge
in the last week

Maria's has a great food but they have little sneaky fees in there that they don't tell you about and the nature's charging for them that I don't think is really legal so whatever you do take cash do not use your card there because otherwise money's gonna come up missing and not just once

Jessica Castellanos
a week ago

It was good. They have a lot of variety and they have a drive thru 🙌🙌😁 and they have authentic Mexican waters