The Karma – Conscious Café & Eatery

157 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2A9

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(306) 249-2554
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Meghan Lett
7 months ago

Kind of a depressing feel inside??? It was messy, and there was very, very little food selection. The worker was sweet and kind but did not seem to know what she was doing. There were some men inside bugging the customers and swearing loudly and generally just being rude and intimidating... imo she def should have told them to leave but I can sympathize with the fact that she seemed timid and afraid of them. However I do think the owners should realize their responsibility to train their workers on how to deal with situations like that. I definitely blame them and not the workers.

Breanna Huffman
7 months ago

If you're looking for something to eat that is comforting and super tasty, but also healthy and affordable... This is definitely the place you need to be! 10/10 every single time.

Emily Vanderpool
11 months ago

Had a coffee here with my husband while visiting Saskatoon and enjoyed it thoroughly. The gentleman serving us was very thoughtful and helpful and I liked the selection of vegan treats. The cafe itself is adorable and cozy and I've already recommended to my friends who are coming to Canada next year!

Joshua Northey
a year ago

Pumped to get a 50$ gift card from our friends to this restaurant. Then a year later we went to use our gift card and it said the card was invalid and nothing was on it. The waitress was very nice and did a great job and went to get the owner/manager to help with this situation. The owner or manager, wasn’t too sure, came and checked the card and said their is nothing on the card and said we needed the receipt. We didn’t have the receipt and then the owner/manager said sorry there is nothing we can do, she was short with us and not very helpful with the situation. In the end, my friend ended up getting a credit card statement and coming In to show her that he had bought the gift card. Over a long discussion, the owner/manager gave him a 40$ gift card to the restaurant. Guess she couldn’t make it 50$. So bad experience for myself and family and friend group. She did make a quick 10$ though.

Margot M. D.
8 months ago

A bit pricy but it's a great location when waiting for the bus. It's just by the downtown bus terminal. Food doesn't always look fresh. The scones are a bit dry but good, the sandwiches are quite pricy and the coffee is decent. Service is alright. This cafe seems to always be empty so I can't say much more.