Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant

1946 Hamilton St, Regina, SK S4P 2C4

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(306) 352-8424
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Cat Bluemke
2 weeks ago

Hands down my favourite restaurant in the city. Great flavour, great service, and at such a great price I always end up ordering tomorrow's dinner too (but I'm not complaining)! Their in-restaurant music is also worth noting. 5 stars all-around!

Teena Singh
in the last week

SO incredibly delicious! Their coconut green curry and Panang beef... is seriously so good. Easily one of our fav places to go to and order from!! My husband and I have tried many dishes and they’re all so flavourful.

Sharon Joy
2 months ago

Had a really nice dinner at this place! We got the Shrimp Pad Thai & Panang beef curry (medium spicy - heads up, it's pretty spicy!) & it tasted delicious & pretty authentic. Would highly recommend this place for anyone wanting great tasting Thai food!

Frank Jamie
2 months ago

I was told horrible things about this place but I had to experience it for myself. I tried to explain what I wanted and she told me don’t you know how to read... i said sorry I’ll get a certain thing. When I got my food it was tossed at me and stuff went all over the place. I said something and was told if I don’t like it leave. As I was trying to enjoy my so called food I saw a great big mouse run out of the restaurant. I tried to voice my opinion on the paper towel I found in my food again I was told if I don’t like leave and eat somewhere else. In the mean time there must have been commotion outside they all took off outside gloves masks everything touching everything outside and not changing gloves and cooking again with gloves they used outside touching the ground and such. I mentioned again about changing gloves being outside and they told me to mind my own business and to leave.

Randy Mcclelland
3 weeks ago

The food is great, but beware the spice level. I ordered one dish spicy, and it almost peeled the skin off the roof of my mouth;)