Chopped Leaf

115 Betts Ave #100, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1L2

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(306) 649-2960
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Cody Mcdonald
3 weeks ago

My first time trying out this place was a pleasant experience. The cashier was super kind and helpful as well as the rest of the team. The food is excellent if you are looking for something convenient while still staying on the healthy side! With that quality comes a little more $$ so If you want cheap go to McDonald's across the way. Cheers!

sumeet vij
a month ago

I tried chopped leaf first time today and i have to say that they have great food options. I tried cranberry pesto sandwich and it was delicious. Staff is very professional. I will come back.

Roger D
a month ago

Amazing vibe at this location , staff is super friendly. Got the veggie bowl 🍲 . Was perfect size and filling. Full of flavours

Jeffrey Trek
a week ago

Made my bowl with exact stuff I asked 4. Good job. Will definitely return.

Jesse Derksen
4 months ago

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy their message of sustainability and healthy eating but they have a lot to learn in regards to food presentation, serving size, and customer service for the high prices they charge. We did not order anything extravagant, a starter salad, sandwich, small soup and drink, and the bill came out to around $33.00. We asked and paid for extra veggies, which we did not receive. The sandwich was falling apart and non of the cheese was melted. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND MAKE YA OWN DAMN SANDWICH. Lol. Hope they at least pay their employees a fair wage!