Cactus Club Cafe Idylwyld Drive

140 Idylwyld Dr S, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0Y7

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Lynette Weiler
a month ago

Great service and great food. Our server was on the ball, jovial, and fast. Our glasses were kept full even though we were only drinking water😁. The lettuce wraps are incredible and filling ( I took half of it home). And then they treated us to an amazing dessert for our anniversary. A crunchie bar dipped in a foamy mouse. Not too sweet, but delicious.

Scott Ziegler
2 months ago

Fish tacos. They were good. Would recommend and the fries were great too. 3 stars however because the service was minimum standard minimum effort. Just enough. Also they make you contact trace and their social distancing policies are a bit too much for me. Won’t be back as long as they asking for my phone number. Good food but honestly that’s were it stops here.

Mel Content
a month ago

Simply Fantastic--Great Service and food. Good thing my wife is hot or I would've been staring!

Nafis Azad
3 months ago

The best place to eat in town (even if you’re visiting). All my experiences here have been very exceptionally pleasant. The food is always cooked well and is evidently well-put together. Depending on your mood, I would recommend booking dining room for a more calm and date-night type of occasion and the lounge for more vibrant and exciting party occasion. You’ll never go wrong coming here, as Cactus Club Cafe has NEVER failed to deliver the best service in terms of serving, cooking and occasional check ups from staff during your stay. Would totally recommend individuals and groups to check out this spot if you have not already!

Reinhard Drynan
a month ago

After trying unsuccessfully to get into the new Olive Garden, my fiance and I headed downtown to the Cactus Club. So glad! We really enjoyed our evening and a delicious dinner. He had a Modern bowl with chicken and I had the jumbalaya bowl. Both were so good. The chocolate mousse with sponge toffee was amazing! beautiful