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leslie l
a month ago

Delicious. Currently take out only.

J. Lee
3 weeks ago

It's like they don't taste what they're making. Everything either tastes the same, bland or both. Their vege sea food tastes like rubber and their vegan version of fried crispy noodles normally containing egg is simply rice noodle dipped and soaked in oil.which honestly was inedible and disgusting, had to throw it away. Having in mind the sunk cost fallacy, I simply ate whatever that didn't taste too bad because of hunger but overall it was a waste of money, never felt that way until that moment. I'm Asian and frankly the food is a disgrace to Asian food let alone vegetarian or vegan food See for yourself, very uninspiring looking dishes. Gave them a second chance but I think this will be my last visit.

Ghosty Dudester
a week ago

Very good sushi, cute place inside, hopefully restaurants will allow us to dine-in soon because this place is SO GREAT

Nick Tustin
9 months ago

Small portion, but good food. If you are in a group of three for example, you could probably be safe in basically ordering every dish on the menu once and you'll all be very full. Pretty heavy and lots of fried food, but good for an indulgence. Only one vegan dessert unfortunately. Lots of vegan options but would be great to see it go fully vegan!

Catherine C
8 months ago

Excellent service and delicious food! Great for groups too. A few of my friends are vegan so this was perfect. Those of us meat lovers still found everything delicious!