552 St Catherine St E, Montreal, Quebec H2L 2E1

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Sylvie Quach
a month ago

The entrance looks so sketchy and the inside is creepy too. Definitely didn't feel the vibe of this restaurant. Horrible cigarette smoking smell inside. Not a inviting ambiance at all. We went away immediately!

Chelsea Stilwell
6 months ago

Cash only. Great cozy apartment-turned-bar in the village for drinks and homey food, perfect for a night with friends or a date. There’s always live music and the bar staff are super friendly! Perfectly captures the grungy hipster Montréal vibe.

Christian Okwudiwa
a month ago

I absolutely love the customer service - very calm and respectful

Rebecca St-P
9 months ago

Love the vibe of this place. Every piece is unique and comes together to create an atmosphere like no other. Whether you’re here for live music or a quieter lunch the food is delectable and well-priced!

Yevgen Zolotarov
7 months ago

Fun place to listen to live music. Just be really careful with your belongings. Last time I was there a guy at the table next to us had his laptop bag stolen. On the same occasion a friend left half a glass of beer on the table and 10 seconds later some chick picked it up and chugged it. Don't leave your stuff lying around and enjoy the music.