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3580 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H4C 1P4

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Kathy Nguyen
a month ago

Note: Not a vegan, but throughout the past 6 months, I can say I have dived into the vegan culture more than I ever have. I cut out dairy and I really only eat meat 2 meals a week. This place is really for anyone with an open mind and doesn't think meat is everything. You really can have a great satisfying meal without meat. Ordered the roasted cauliflower, Brussel sprouts along with the creamy alfredo and the 'pulled pork' sandwich. Delicious! The house sauce on the cauliflower really complimented each other. It gave great flavour and was cooked perfectly. The Brussels were also amazing, the flavours made it addicting to me. It also had a little spice kick which I wasn't expecting but enjoyed it. The burger was amazing. I can't complain. Personally, anything made with shiitake is great. The buns were so soft, crisp yet fluffy. The salad that came alongside has just enough flavour. Wasn't bland but wasn't too saucy. The wedges? What can you really say about wedges? They're great. I was a little worried about the pasta because I haven't had any vegan Alfredo version before but this was really delightful. Kind of addicting actually. It really did have the creamy factor and I feel if you handed it to me and didn't tell me if it was vegan or not, I wouldn't be able to tell! It doesn't taste like your standard Alfredo though, it has its own taste and flavour but it was still absolutely delicious. I would definitely come back to this place and bring my friends and family to let them see Vegan food can and is delicious.

Marjolaine G
3 months ago

Really enjoyed my experience here. The waiter was friendly and the service was fast. Great precautions were taken for distanced seating and cleaning due to Covid-19. I had the omelette and my friend had the vegan Benny and both plates were very satisfying and filling! My chickpea omelette was delicious and I particularly enjoyed having a side of greens with it to balance it out. The crackers were not really necessary in my opinion but that’s just personal. The Benny was creamy and very filling. The potatoes were particularly delicious according to my friend! Overall, I would definitely recommend for brunch and I can’t wait to go try all the other options here!

Helen Gatama
a month ago

This place was the biggest surprise treat I have had in a long time. The service was impeccable with food and flavors to match!! I am not vegan or vegetarian but I cannot wait to try everything on the menu. What I have tasted so far has definitely got the foodie in me inspired!!!

Hugo R
a month ago

Burger was great! Just a little bit pricy but other than that everything was excellent, service, food and the place.

frost s. Byte
2 months ago

Went a few months ago. No sign saying wait for hostess or seat yourself. Stood their for a brief moment decided to sit. Grabbed menus from a stack on a table. My friend and I looked over the menu and chose. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. We weren't behind any plants or anything. Seatting was very visible. And waited. After about 15-20 minutes we were surprise NO one came to greet us. No water nothing. We got the message. We got up and left. While we were their we noticed others seemed to have had a similar experience. The irony is it's called Hello 123. I guess they failed at the basics. On every level.