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3723 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V7

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Louise Couture
a month ago

My kids are vegan and vegetarian. I am not. I couldn't believe how amazing the food and drinks were at Bowhead. We chose six dishes to share and each was mouth watering. It was a feast! The cocktails were perfectly blended and the service, if a bit slow, was professional. Loved this place. I will definitely be returning.

Ece Aksakoglu
2 months ago

Great pub experience without compromise, cause it's VEGAN! Great service, nice outdoor seating area. Totally junk! We had fish tacos, buffalo wings and burger. Also margarita was really good! Buffalo wings were a bit salty but still tasty. Creative menu! We would absolutely go again.

Wendy Tran
a month ago

Bowhead was a... lukewarm experience for me. I ordered a Margarita and a portion of Animal Fries to share with one other person. I think the portion was reasonable for sharing, and I applaud the bar to be 100% plant based and opening up the accessibility to a wider audience. The first bite of the fries, I noticed the level of salt right away. I have dined out enough in my life to realize that restaurant food tends to be on the well-seasoned side, but it shouldn't be the first thing a customer should notice. Otherwise, texture of waffle fries was excellent, and it's a great combination of flavours for pub-style food. The margarita was not very well made. It tasted salty and "commercial". I felt like I could get a better one somewhere else. The staff was super friendly, however, and service was amazing. We were greeted right away, and the waitress was very attentive to our body language to know when to bring the bill, when we're done with food etc. It was on the pricier side for a pub, but I can understand since vegan food tends to be more expensive.

Marjolaine G
2 months ago

I came here for brunch with my friends and had a great experience. FOOD: The chicken and waffles, and the English breakfast were my favourite of the options we had. The salmon Benny was delicious and really tasted of fish (which freaked me out as a vegan to be honest). The burrito is very filling and has a salad side which is great - it’s probably the healthiest savoury option. It’s definitely a comfort food breakfast and very filling. Their mimosas are really good too, very balanced (although a little pricey). SERVICE: The waiter was very friendly. Menus and water were brought out very promptly! SEATING: There’s an outdoor patio in the summer to sit at with lots of space. It’s a little noisy from the road but very comfortable and spacious. Overall, I had a great experience. I would definitely recommend to bring meat eaters here. My friends who aren’t vegan really enjoyed it.

Rohan Parekh
a month ago

Was good not bad. For a person who loves vegan food it's the best go to restaurant. Please don't misunderstand the words chicken, bacon etc. The restaurant is a plant based restaurant and chicken means it's made out of soy. So make sure you ask what you are looking for before going. But personally my fav was mac and cheese and cheese sticks.