Wei’s noodle house

Inside REMAX building, Downstairs) Free Parkings All Around, 610 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 4E6

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a week ago

Wei's Noodle House has such a large variety of foods. Everything is so good. I love that they have vegan options. Their customer service is amazing! The food is packed with flavour, and the portions are always more than filling. I never leave Wei's Noodle House unsatisfied. Always a great experience. I order from Wei's at least once a month. Please come here, it is totally worth it! Trust me. Thank you Wei's Noodle House.

Abe Greenspoon
3 weeks ago

This place is great. All of our dishes were excellent. Particularly liked the pad thai and the satay peanut tofu. Dumplings and spring rolls were also quite excellent. Love the variety of options on their menu. All the portions are really good too. No sit down at the moment - just takeout. But the service is excellent and pickup is easy.

Rin Abedi
a month ago

Absolutely delicious

a month ago

Had their food when they were located on Somerset a while ago. It was excellent then. Ate their food today, ordered the Tonkotsu Black Ramen to check it out. Soup-wise, it doesn't contain the rich bone flavour you get from other restaurants with the identical dish. Noodles are okay, it's neither WOW! or UGH, just somewhere in the middle. Chashu is not as tender as it should be and the texture makes it seem it's a bit old. If anything, I would have given 3-stars for this review. But the actual problem was when I was drinking the soup in large mouthfuls, I found two unusually hard, tiny, sharp objects in my mouth. I pulled them out and they turned out to be 2 broken pieces of HARD PLASTIC. I showed the guy who took my order and he told the chef, the chef was able to identify the problem immediately by letting me know they had a broken takeout container and some of the shards got mixed into the soup as they were preparing my dish. In return for their "honest" mistake, they offered a refund and I declined, they asked "What do you want then?" I simply said "Please don't let this happen to another customer." For anyone else that may have ordered a soup-based item, please look out for plastic shards or drink in small mouthfuls. I dined at this establishment on September 19 from 6:15 to 7:00 PM.

Andrew Ladouceur
4 months ago

Amazing tofu! Great curry! This place is awesome especially when talking value. My only criticism would be that their Pad Thai is a bit one note and needs some lime or cilantro to give it that extra kick. Their are lots of vegan options and their tofu is top tier. You should definitely try this place out. I recommend the chili garlic tofu or the coconut curry chicken.