Pure Kitchen Westboro

357 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E7

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(613) 680-5500
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Sandra Freedman
a month ago

Definitely busy no matter what time on a weekend! I got the Fantastic bowl and it was delicious, along with a local beer I love (Pilsner from Tooth and Nail). It is a trendy spot but not for everyone (i.e. it is a vegetarian menu, so some may want different options). Also expect it to be a bit pricey. For me, it is a nice spot every once in awhile 🙂

a month ago

Staff weren’t friendly, everything is overpriced, restaurant chain is super over hyped, mediocre, not worth it.

Daniel Laprise
in the last week

I've always like the food these guys make. It's tasty, hearty and satisfying. When I crave their burger there's no stopping me. I admit I go for the real cheese but their vegan alternatives are perfect. Even my carnivore friends have been baffled by it. They have the greatest to go boxes, you have to try their "meatball" sandwich. Don't tell you dad and make him one he won't notice that he's eating healthier, but tell his doc and laugh about trolling him ha ha ha ha!!

a month ago

Good food and great service.

Natalie LaForge
a month ago

I love this place but they have changed their fries... and that makes my kiddo disappointed. The old ones were so much better! But the wings and The Fantastic were perfect