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Deesha Asher
a month ago

NOT the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. Super disappointed because the reviews were so great and I was so excited to try the new “best vegan pizza place”. First, the garlic knots were dry and rubbery. Not soft and melt-break-apart like I’ve had before at different places (also made by myself at home 100 times better). Also, they forgot the garlic. Garlic ranch dip was mayo with a bit of herbs added. Absolutely no flavour. They forgot the salt as well as the garlic. Marinara sauce was served so hot the plastic lid on it was melted and changed shape. Also, they forgot the garlic- ie it had no flavour. I ordered two pizzas: the Romana and the Mediterranean Romana: figs, red onions, balsamic, cauliflower cream sauce, queso fresco, hmm..sounds yum..but was NOT. The onions were just plain weird. Soggy and floppy, no flavour. Figs were hard. Capers and olives super salty, figs and the cheese were sweet. I felt like it needed something to bind the two flavours together. Maybe some sort of garlic or chilli. The two “cheese” sauces didn’t make any sense to me. It was super heavy to eat and I had a tummy ache after one slice. Parent gave up after one bite. Mediterranean: it wasn’t bad. But I guess I wouldn’t order it again. In conclusion: OTT ingredients, bold vision, thick pizza base, rubbery knots(as well as pizza base), no garlic or spice (so if you like bland you’ll be fine), mayo + herbs as ranch. Thank you for having a vegan pizza place. These type of pizzas are just not my cup of tea. Also, I miss Virtuous Pie (the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had, apart from my own)

Anisah Ali
3 months ago

Wish I could give more stars because they’re just that great! Hands down- the BEST plant based pizza I’ve had. Actually. I’ll say it. THE BEST pizza in the city! I highly recommend the pepperoni pizza and the Florence pizza. The garlic knots were divine also. I made a pickup order and it was quick and easy - will definitely be going back to try more.

2 months ago

I live around the corner from here and I've had their delicious gelato a bunch but decided to order pizza for takeout today and my god. My mind is blown. The Mediterranean pizza is absolutely amazing. This is my first time having pizza without daiya cheese and it was incredible. I will definitely be coming back to try the other pizzas

Jodie Baer
a month ago

The other reviews are spot on - the BBQ jackfruit pizza is one of the best pizzas I've ever had, vegan or otherwise! Light, crispy dough, perfect topping ratios, and amazing flavours. Will definitely be ordering again, and suggesting the same to my friends.

Patricia O'Connell
a month ago

Stopped for their gelato and then realized they were also serving pizza, so ordered that afterwards. The rest of my family are not vegetarians, but everyone ate their whole pizza. Creative, delicious and beautiful to look at.