Mongolian Village West – Authentic Asian Food in Ottawa

2150 Robertson Rd, Nepean, ON K2H 9S1

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Felipe Marinho
2 months ago

We (my family) had a custom order (each) made by one of the many chefs inside the restaurant. There's a big counter that reassembles a buffet where every option is labeled and after you choose all elements of your dish, the chef cooks'em on a huge grill. Delicious food and confortante outside area in front of the main entrance.

dheeksha reddy
a month ago

Not worth the hype atall. The service was so nagging and irritating. We had three servers coming back and fourth asking us if we are ready even when we said we need time. Coming to food it was horrible. I think they are confused what to offer us, the menu was all over , they have a mix cuisine of Mexican (tacos)Asian and i dont what others are called. We ordered egg rolls - and i all i could smell is re used oil. Then we ordered soup which was more like tamarind Juice. The noodles were disaster. They give rice as complementary which was very confusing. What do we eat the rice with? and why is it complementary when we cannot munch on! Doing a paid ad sponsor by different bloggers will not change the business. I Hope you guys will work on your service and food especially.

Srishti Batra
2 months ago

I love this restraunt. They have a unique concept of 'Make your own bowl'. They let you choose your ingredients ,add sauces and stir fry the flavorful ingredients. Everyone can dine in here. They have a wide variety of ingredients for vegetarians, meat lovers, halal, pescatarian. Also you get rice and soup for free with the meal....that too unlimited. I will give extra marks for their friendly service and staff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Crystal Merkley
3 weeks ago

Absolutely delicious as usual. Taking many precautions during these trying times and doing it well.

Bill Jackson
7 months ago

MONGOLIAN VILLAGE We met another couple here for dinner on Monday evening (Mar 2/20). The four of us always loved Mongolian Village, that was until last night. We had what was without a doubt, the absolute worst waiter any of us had ever encountered. It’s started with the drink order. I asked for a Bacardi and coke, and his response was we only have Capt Morgan, but it’s the same thing. No. It. is. not! We settled on the drinks and went for our food. Upon returning to the table he approached with the drinks and lean across me, his side brushing my face in order to serve my date her drink. Very bad form! As we finished eating, I asked for the rest of my dinner “to go” He then brought a styrofoam container and dropped it in front of me and walked away. A little taken aback, I asked him how I was supposed to fill it with just a fork. Having been there many time, I knew they take your plate away and package it go. Instead, his response was to pick up my plate and scrape the food from my plate into the container with some of my food spilling onto the table. He wiped that with his hand back into the empty plate and set it back in front of me. The four us just looked at one another, incredulous. He topped it off by lean across the gentleman with us in order to retrieve his date’s plate. That’s was it, we’d had enough. We asked for the machine to pay, which he brought, and then stood over us while we used the machine. No one in our group left a tip, and none of us will be returning to the Robertson Rd location again. From now on we’ll drive across the city to the Mongolian Village at Gloucester Centre where we know we’ll get good service.