Kupfert & Kim

First Canadian Place, Concourse Level, 100 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1C7

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(416) 504-1233
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P. D.A.
4 months ago

My go to place for a hearty healthy vegan salad bowl! The ingredient mix and the dressing all goes so well. It’s also a perfect way to grab a to go right before your commute. It’s one of my favorite vegan go to. I was super happy to keep supporting them during lockdown by ordering from UberEats

Jennifer Che
7 months ago

Good healthy fare, but pretty typical boxed healthy fast casual food - the flavours and cooking are not going to blow you away. Lots of very fresh, high quality veg. I like the almond lime bowl. The hot sauce is great and very spicy.

Sara Mencia
10 months ago

I really like their food. Vegan protein options available and very tasty. I am a fan of their spicy sauce and the Mexican bowl. You can also grab a dessert with no regrets as all their ingredients are natural or gluten free. The service is fast, so, even though you might see a long line, you will be served fast enough. They are available in Ritual and MealPal in case you'd like to skip the line.

Wendy Gunnoe
10 months ago

Our son took us to eat here (First Canadian Place location) on his lunch break. Amazing maze of stores to go by to get to it but he works nearby and it was no problem for him. We were there at noon and a long line was waiting to order. Fortunately, the line moved fast and althought it's a small location, the order was put together quickly. Everything they serve is plant-based and made of ingredients that are naturally gluten-free.

Johnny Boule
2 months ago

Please covid leave this planet so I can go back to K&K, please another vegan lasagna, it’s been so long !