Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet

212 Somerset St E, Ottawa, ON K1N 6V4

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(613) 565-6544
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Samantha Jones
a week ago

I went during COVID (take-out only permitted) for my first time. Despite that, the atmosphere was was pleasant and welcoming! The staff was kind, soft-spoken and honest. The food had such authentic taste and flavour explosion that I instantly knew that I as going to be back. The cheap price is definitely worth the amount of food you get! Plant-based, healthy, friendly? Definitely a place I will be frequenting!

Ed Chunski
9 months ago

I really don't understand the high ratings this place gets. Yes, it's inexpensive, but that's about it. The selection is really slim, and the quality is, shall we say, barely passable. I am not in a hurry to return any time soon. If I want vegan/veggie food, I'd rather cook it myself or bite the bullet and go to Greendoor. This place just doesn't do it for me.

Goutham Vasam
a year ago

An affordable all you can eat Indian vegan food - best for students as they pay less. Non-students need to pay a little extra. It is a non-profit. You have less selection (includes a dessert) compared to buffets in Indian restaurants in Ottawa but I give it high rating because each dish is made with love, hygienic and simple. Whereas other Indian restaurant buffets have more than half of the dishes that doesn’t taste good. The restaurant is open during school days I guess (closed during summer - but please double check). It is a cozy little place. Small Krishna temple (ISKON) is connected to it - so need to remove shoes. The woman is very welcoming and explains the ingredients in the dishes. A very peaceful place for any kind of person to get filling good food.

Truth Hurts
11 months ago

Absolutely not worth the $9 each. The Rice was mushy and disgusting. The veggie stews were all overcooked and bland. At Govindas you get way less than you pay for. Oh but the banana bread is not bad!

Farhang Frank Amini
a year ago

I had a great time here! The food felt very homemade, and was tasty and fresh. With a level of spicyness that anyone can handle. The place was very quiet and calm. At first I wished for it have music, but really quickly I realized how great it felt to just eat in peace without blaring sounds. The host was a very kind and polite lady; she described each food available and told us its ingredients. The pricing for students is amazing. Will definitely be going here at least once a week. They are a non-profit too! We had to take off our boots (in winter), but honestly it felt more comfortable on my ankles.