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I am the best
a month ago

Being an Indian vegetarian, I is to always try our Indian vegetarian dishes only in Indian vegetarian restaurants and was always reluctant to try something new as I is to think that any other food apart from Indian food will be tasteless and won't suit an orthodox Indian like me. The Fresh proved me so wrong. I am really in love with their food. Their food is so tasty 😋 and healthy. They really put so much of effort in making their dishes. I could feel the freshness in every bite. I ordered their burritos, taco 🌮 and carrot cake. That too they very well customized for me as I don't eat onion, garlic and mushroom. This restaurant is now my all time favourite and will be their new regular customer

Stephanie Lucas
a month ago

My go to when I am not cooking my own meals. The offerings of vegan food is amazing and they even satisfy my restrictions and offer gluten free options. Yummy scale is 5 stars!

Umeshaa Pararajasingham
a week ago

I have been going to this Fresh location for years, a after-work dinner date with my bestie, studying for yoga exams; a gathering of friends. Their service and the quality of their food is without complaint! Their compassionate philosophy of minimum harm to the environment though, is what keeps us coming back. They even generously played a role in our small covid-times wedding to help us make it as earth friendly as possible. Thank you!!

Cate Thomason-Redus
2 months ago

I go here to eat healthy yet end up getting the dragon fries every time. They are too good to pass up. The healthy stuff is mostly great too.

Brietta Stewart
3 months ago

A perfect place for students to stop in for some vegan options. I love their bowls with soba noodles. Always a destination I make sure to hit when in Toronto.