Cyranos Restaurant

2039 Robertson Rd, Nepean, ON K2H 8R2

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(613) 721-0510
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Marla Desat
a month ago

Delicious house-made pasta.

Debbie Stinson
a month ago

Very good food. Service was great. Fresh baked bread rolls. Yum

Alan Ebsary
3 months ago

Dined out on the patio, food and service was excellent. Really nothing more to to say other than great work done by all, and thanks for the wonderful experience!

John McNally
3 months ago

Cyranos is a very nice and clean restaurant. Disappointed with the bundle promotion for COVID-19 takeout. It is 2 for $39. I found the bundle take-out misleading, as the options you have to chose is 5, but you can only chose 1 bundle for the 2 for $39. In short, I wanted to choose 2 separate bundles but couldn't. I chose the chicken parmesan. When I got home after picking up the food I was disappointed in what I saw. There was one small container consisting of 2 small pieces of chicken parmesan smothered in pasta sauce that didn't even look like it was breaded. In the container there was "spaghetti", but it looked more like Kalatal macaroni. The salad was very plain consisting of leaf lettuce, croutons, and an oil dressing - nothing else. Personally, I have issue with higher end restaurants serving leaf lettuce. My expectation is to serve romaine, boston, or something higher end. Overall, Cyranos is a good restaurant for quality food and nice ambiance. On this bundle take-out they should make changes, because it is not value for money even when it is promoted as 2 for $39. Disappointed.

8 months ago

I was gifted e gift certificates to Cyranos when I moved to Ottawa 3.5 years ago, and I lost them until I came to move again. I called them to make sure the gift certificates were still good - and they were :) . We ordered pick-up as we were tired and dusty after a day of packing and loading the truck. Now I wish that Cyranos had been on my radar while I was still living there. Great food - I mean REALLY great - and friendly people. We had four adults to feed and so ordered three large salads and three pasta dishes. It was plenty and came in under $100, and leftovers to snack on later. When I am back in Ottawa I will definitely go and sit in and dine here - the place has a lovely ambience and I know the food will not disappoint.