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3670 McKinley Pkwy Suite 25, Hamburg, NY 14219

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Donna Henault-Roth
a week ago

Fantastic and delicious food and beverages offered! Everytime I go there, I try something new and the flavors and dishes are always top notch. Staff and customers wear masks, social distance and tables are alternated to maintain distance while enjoying the meal. Not sure how staff are able to wipe down used tables for next customers because they are super busy making each meal individually behind the barrier. That is my only question, other wise, I can't wait to go back. They also do take out/pickup.

Erik Rowe
a week ago

Only one in line. Took 18 minutes for a tofu bowl. Online orders take precedence. -5 stars for cleanliness. EVERY table I went to was really gross. Unreal especially now... never to return

Marion Williams
2 months ago

The food is delicious when I order on line it is ready In 20 min. to pick up most of the is always fresh thank you core life

Patrick Riester
3 months ago

Setup a curbside pickup. Ordered at 4:30 for a 5:30 pickup. I had my two daughters with me (6 and 8 year old) which is why I wanted the curbside pickup. Arrived at 5:23 and called the pickup number. Was told the food was not ready. I understand. I’ll wait. Finally, at 5:45 with I get my mask on and get my daughter’s masked on and go in to inquire. After waiting 3-5 minutes before being acknowledged I was told I had to call to let them know I was there. (Which I did see above). After I told them this they handed me my food and went about there business. My food was sitting in a bag waiting. No apology, no attempt to make it right. As I left a heard the young lady state it’s not her fault the food was not ready. I am most upset that there was no attempt to make it right(offer to tax something off the bill etc). I have not had the food as of yet. At this point I am an unhappy customer that will think twice before coming back here again.

Andi Boyd
3 months ago

The food was delicious. The wait time was absolutely uncalled for. Ordered online and arrived ahead of time. Had to wait in line, as walk-ins were waited on before online orders. Thirty minutes after my pickup time... , I'm told that my broth was not ready.