CoreLife Eatery

1595 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst, NY 14228

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(716) 276-0071
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David Johnson
a month ago

A good change of pace kind of place.

Rachel Ertrachter
a month ago

Messed up my salad and when I requested a new one they said no. Overpriced for nothing. You’re MUCH better off going next door to Trader Joe’s and getting fresh stuff there for cheaper. (Not the first time they have messed up its like the 10th and at this point I’m just fed up) Side note- I have never in my life spoken to someone as rude at the manager.

J Hunt
3 weeks ago

Really good place to get yourself a salad. Even though it's still a fast food place, Corelife's salads are very unique. You have the option, of ordering a few standard salads. Or you can choose your own combination. The restaurant is pretty huge, and many of the tables are not accessible (covid social distancing). They do offer other items, other than salads. You can get tacos and there is Poke. I never tried anything other than the salads though, but many people are walking away with Poke. The prices is not cheap, but I feel it's worth it.

Jeffrey Dimes
3 months ago

Came in to order today the employees let customers in line with no masks on and these people with no masks were touching all over the glass and hanging on it and the employees said nothing. Also employees don't properly explain the menu when you ask,definitely need customer service training.

4 months ago

Good food- fresh, clean, and fast. The service staff were very cheerful, friendly, and helpful. Outdoor patio very clean. Very accessible!