Copper Branch

4841 Yonge St Yonge Sheppard Centre, Unit 237B, Toronto, ON M2N 5X2

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(647) 547-6999
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Vlad D
2 weeks ago

Waited 15 mins for my food. The fries were cold and tasted like they were re heated in the microwave. The mango smoothie I ordered also tasted powdery I could not drink it. I was also disappointed with the costumer service. Would not recommend, if you want copper branch you are better off going to the actual restaurant

Pearl G
2 weeks ago

Hi, delicious smoothie. I think you have a great product, though most people in this area are Asian, and mostly not vegan. If you really have your heart set on this location. Needs more unique flatbread choices --since they can be targeted to particular cultures. Signage really needs to say something like "Copper Branch -Vegan Cafe" because even the vegans around here aren't aware youre vegan specialists. Or maybe a desk sign, or even the staff uniforms can say that?

Irene Brimpong
a month ago

Best location I've visited...if you have the Aztec bowl, try it with the balsamic dressing

Alexis Price-Todd
3 months ago

Food Nerd here! Non Vegan. From start to 3/4 way through first experience with Copper Branch Chain, was confident I'd love it, even though I love a bloody piece o' meat on the regular. Bon Appetit!

Aparajit Sridharan
2 months ago

Good quality vegan food and plenty sufficient in quantity too.